Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Book Junk Journal...AND....My First Video on You Tube!!!!

As a kid, I always wanted to be a librarian..why I never did that, I can't say, but ... I didn't! I loved those card catalogs they had back then...thumbing through the cards to find the book I wanted. Just to cool!
Anyway, I would keep those books  I really liked and re-donate  the others back to the thrift store. I am having a hard time with paper backs as the print is to small for my old eyeballs these days..so hard covers/backs are where I am. However, they are getting few and far between at the thrift store, so I recently got educated about ebooks and getting them for free and downloading them to my tablet to read and leaving other on the Amazon/Kindle cloud so they are there when I want them. I have a nice collection now. I will also be traveling end of this year and wanted to make sure I had books to read... I know I won't be able to take a stack with me, so the ebook on the tablet is a good way to go! However... I will always love a "real" book and hopefully, once settled I can go "home" again to the books I Love

However... I still want to keep my own library and if I could have found a real card catalog, I probably would have recreated one.. however, since I didn't... I just made a junk journal style of "library catalog".  I used the covers from hard backs and 8x11 cardstock and created this book. Pockets and tags I have made will hold the information about the ebooks or any book I read that doesn't have a dust jacket. I am sure this will last me many many years!

AND,,,,, my first video!  It is really not very good as far as the cover goes, but I was in a hurry and I know I can do better and will next time. But I just wanted this now....I have read 8 ebooks and need to get them recorded on tags in there before I forget them! So..take a look, please don't laugh.. no, I take that back. Laugh if you want to!  That just means you are having a good time and enjoying the video and I am glad to be able to crack a smile for anyone!! Enjoy!!!

It is to long for blogger to handle, (I only get 100MB...the vid is 373MB) so I had to learn how to do a page and upload it to You Tube... wow... a first time all over the place for me!

Click below to go to video

And I'd love to hear any comments you might have..good or bad.. I love to learn!!!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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