Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Blast Off! New Quiet Book Page!

Another page in my quiet book for my grand son....It is not bound in the book yet...but I couldn't wait to share it!


For more of my quiet book You Tube videos.....

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

How to Make 3-D Images for Quiet Books

Many have asked me how I make, what I call, 3-D Images for my Quiet Books. I love making these as they are so nice for using with velcro for them to stick to the page or just to have them playable on the page! So I did a video about how I do them with double sided fusible interfacing! It is a great way to create playable features for any quiet book.  Take a look!

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Quiet Book page - A Day at the Beach

Hey every one!  I have another page done in the Quiet Book I am making for my grand son.

Click to watch the video...   A Day at the Beach

and then you can also read about it here.

 Here, the child can take sand castles out of the bucket and play with them in the "sand". He can also open the oyster and see the pearl! And.. a little friendly crab is right there to be his play pal! This layout was quick and easy. The castles are made of felt. I just have to bind these pages into the book. That is something I do when all the pages are done. These pages are cut 11x11 and have 1/4 inch seams and 1/2 inch binding.

If you want to see my You Tube videos of all my quiet books pages and also Junk Journals...click here!    

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Pillowcase Adventure Makes Memories

Few months ago I had my 7 year old grand daughter for 2 days and she is into crafts as much as I am...we are craft buddies! I had previously taught her to make a lap quilt out of charms, but this time...I taught her to make a pillow case.

You just need about 3/4 yard of main fabric and 1/3 yard of a print for the cuff (the bears) and 1/4 yard for the trim (the green) for a standard pillowcase, as you see in the picture below of the completed pillowcase.
How it Started

The story of Cordoroy, the little bear that lost the button on his green overalls... has been a special story to her and I. When she was 2, I started reading the story of Cordoroy to her and she loved the story! There was a store security guard in the story that was dressed  like a police officer. Her daddy is a Deputy Sheriff  and she thought  the guy in the story was a"Beddy Sef", just like her daddy!The story became very  special to us. I later began making up stories for her at nap time about Cordoroy and Silky Bear (her own little stuffed buddy) that lived in Princess Ashleigh's bedroom and when Princess Ashleigh left for school..the bears and other dolls would come to life and scurry out of the house and to a strawberry patch and have an adventure...similar to the Raggedy Ann/Andy stories.

The Fabric:

When I stumbled on these panels and the bear fabric at an online store... I knew I had to get them, no matter the cost! I had never seen them before and of course....Cordoroy fabric was in my "shopping cart" within minutes!  I intended to make her a quilt out of them some how, but just never could figure a design out! Then it suddenly occurred to me to let her make the pillow case and the rest is memorable  history!

See the little loops on the right side of the case in the picture above and left side in picture below?  She has two little "bedtime buddies". She calls them her "Silkies", one is a bunny and one is a bear (ergo Silkie Bear!) . They have silk binding on them. She said that they always fall out of bed or she rolls on them and can't find them. So I created these fabric loops and now, she puts "Silkies" in the loops and they never leave her side! The picture below is the other side of the pillowcase, the "Good Night" side and the Silkies are in the loops on the left there.

The Memory

Ashleigh will have  memories of our special time together  for years!! It started when she was 2 and now at 7, when she stays the night, she still asks for a Cordoroy story at bedtime. And I always have a different story and adventure that the bears do and she has her favorites that she asks me to tell again. She has the pillowcase at  her house and sleeps with it every night and always has her  Silkies with her...and her memories. Good night, Ashleigh!

And to further the memory (for both of us!) I later made her a small quilt about Corduroy and his escapades. I made her what I call a Symbolic Memory quilt. Instead of making a specific quilt with obvious features...I used symbols which she knows and will still be able to recount the memory and in this case...carry the memory with her to give to her children.

Click to read about the Symbolic Memory Quilt


This is the book that inspired our memory.  Corduroy is now 40 years old, but we don't have to mention that! We shall let the little bear be a child's friend..no matter how old he, technically, is!

Does your child have a favorite character....get them the book and make them a quilt or pillowcase to match it and you'll have a great gift for them with lots and lots of memories. Or...what about a character memory of yours? Do the same and hand those memories down to your children!

A Pillowcase Tutorial

Here is a great tutorial about  making pillowcases using the "tube" method. It is very quick and easy. Also, because they are so quick and easy...you can make many of them in a day or so. Pillow cases are great for gifts of all ages! Change colors and prints and the options are limitless! I do mine slightly different in that I sew the pieces together, then one seam up the side and then roll the cuff  down to cover the seam and then hand sew the hem to cover the seam. Only seam visible is the side seam and the bottom seam!

This is a tutorial for making a pillow case..really fast and easy! Click the arrow in the middle of the picture below to start the tutorial

Reasons for making pillowcases....

  1. as gifts...for any occasion! Valentines Day gets red ones, patriotic days get red, white and blue. Wedding...matching white (or the wedding color) accented with some lace! Kids birthdays...find out their favorite character or "thing" and get fabric to match! Christmas... a Santa or other holiday print. Fabric comes in SO MANY different prints these days, you can almost always find the perfect print!
  2. Fund Raisers....get a group to make them and sell them at the school fund raiser or any fund raiser.
  3. Donations to charities...especially the kids charities...you know the kids would love their very own speciality pillowcase!
  4. To match the room you are designing or a quilt you have made!
Whatever the reason...just have fun making pillowcases!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Junk Journal for a Teen boy (masculine theme) Chris - Part 2

I have been working on getting junk journals for my grand kids to have when I relocate out of state so that they can keep some of their memories in a safe place. This one is part 2 of the one I made for my (almost) 16 year old grand son. He is a step grand son, so we are just getting to know each other so this journal is also one where he can take out what I use if he doesn't like it but still have the use of the page for things he does like. It is on YouTube.. but here it is also... hope you enjoy watching it, get some good ideas for pages and embellishments. A masculine theme  can be a little difficult sometimes, because manufactures seem to cater to the female theme more,but we crafters always find a way around that! 

Plus... this junk journal also includes embellishment from ...actual junk mail, some actual "things" that have been used, some cash - in unique form and description and how I used magazine pages as pages in the journal. So.. take a look! Let me know what you think!

If you missed (or want to watch again) Part 1....here it is!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Bargello Adventure Part 1

Last summer I decided I finally.. after 40 years, I wanted a nice bed spread for my queen size bed. Yes, never in 40 years have I had one! I have had comforters but never a dust ruffle. I have had nice blankets on top.. but never a bed spread. And I didn't like comforters, so it had to be a full spread. So I suddenly thought my favorite colors were teal..blue and green shades but preferably blue.  I intended to make a block quilt. I went to the fabric store, bought several prints and colors of blue/green teal and started looking for a block pattern. Now, a year later.. I am starting it! However, not a block... a BARGELLO!!! Yes, those wonderful and amazing motion quilts! Bargello is a pattern that shows motion or movement predicated on how you place the tons of tiny little squares vs. the colors of the squares vs. the size of the squares!

My first attempts turned out pretty good..Orca for my grand daughter as she loves the whales, and the pink for my daughter.. she loved pink!!! If you want to check them out...here are the links...

Orca, Whale of a Quilt

Pretty In Pink  

But now... it is my time. How many times do you actually make for yourself? I am always making for others, but now... I want a bedspread!!!

So I got out the prints I had from last year, of course, needed a few more prints/colors and ended up with 10 prints/solids in blue/green teal.

 This is how I layed them out...the first time! You have to spend some time organizing, reorganizing, replacing, matching etc..before you get that "Ah-Ha" lightbulb moment of "THAT'S IT!" Then... walk away for a few hours and go back....often that "Ah-Ha" moment says... "no...not quite right" and you juggle the prints again.
And also... when you think you have the perfect line up...remember, they will be repeating the line up so...take half from the left.. and place them on the top of the right end and see how it looks that way, as that is how it will look when you have the squares sewn together. Some times it doesn't really match!  In other words..play with it! Walk away, come back and play again. Ask your friends..online ones too and see how the "see" the prints and colors. Some times a second pair of unfamiliar eyes help you see what ...is right in front of your eyes!!!  Hopefully it won't take you as long as it did me.. I have a hard time matching colors.. odd as that sounds coming from a 50 years sewer!

After 2 days of fiddling and chatting with others for their view, I decided on this line up.
I went from dark to light..then fiddled. I am not completely happy with that small black print, but it is close as I could find to match the other 2 prints. I am not wanting the image of the print to stand out... just the colors. I tried it with light colors and with dark and it seems like...in the middle is where it looked best..separating the darker blues from the lighter green teals
 Then, I took the 5 fabrics on the left in above picture and put them on the right side of the line up..as that is how they will be when sewn together. and I am kind of liking that small black print more..seems to blend in a bit better.

This one.. I just wanted to see how it looked without the small black print at all, so I put it at the end....and I find, it has grown on me and I do at least kind of like it in the mix so I will be keeping it in the line up. I am thinking also, it and the solid black...will (hopefully) make a kind of outline throughout the bargello pattern, maybe enhancing the flow in some way! I will be able to see that once I get the strips cut and layed out in the pattern I create.

So...that's it for now. I have to pre wash everything, iron the wrinkles out and then..I will cut one yard from each and start cutting the strips of various sizes. I am hoping to have some of these left to make pillow shames or at least some deco toss pillows.

I watched a video that really helped me and even have been talking with the maker of the video and it and she have been a huge help so if you'd like to check it out....here it is!

Making a Bargello Quilt with Patti Carey

Thanks for reading and hope you will join to follow along...maybe make your own!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Pocket Recipe Altered Book is in my Future!

Well everyone, I have been searching for ideas on  ideas and inspiration to create pages for my fabric lace memory books. I  seem to have hit a wall in the creation department! I make a pocket on every page for adding a tangible memory item, from the past or to have for a future tangible memory item. Well, in searching for inspiration...I stumbled on this....and I need one of these! Well, before you think I've one sandwich shy a picnic lunch,  let me tell you about what I am talking about first. 

Years ago, late 90's I guess... I decided to make a family cook book. I had made some things that the kids liked or others in my large family liked and we had large family gatherings and some of my cooking was specifically requested to be brought to every family function. Add to that some of my mom's favorite recipes and I have a book to publish! So I thought I would put a cook book together for my kids to have after I'm "gone". You know, carry on the family tradition. I typed one out using Word Perfect...(remember way back way?!?!?) and I just type on half sheet of 8x10 colored paper.  I type the recipe and then at the bottom, wrote out a few lines about why this recipe was special or the memory that went with it.

The one that sticks out first and foremost was a cookie I made and rolled it in powder sugar. I made a bunch and my little boy - around 4-5 years old..begged for them. I gave him some and then said no more. Of course, all-american boy he was (still is!) begged and begged and I said no, you've had enough....no, later after dinner...you moms know the drill! Anyway...the next day we went through the same thing and I said the same thing. Later that day, I noticed his lips, chin and all down the front of his shirt had white "stuff" on it! I did a bit of silent,"mom detective" work, and  realized he had snuck some of the powder sugar cookies out of the cookie jar! And in eating them quickly and secretively, the powder sugar left a huge trail of evidence!  I asked him if he had had any cookies...he said no. I asked if he had washed his face...he said no. I asked if he was sure he had not taken any cookies from the cookie jar. He said no. I took him to the bathroom and put him in front of the mirror and asked 'What is this on your face and shirt?" Talk about total shock "I just got caught" look...he was so pitiful looking, I could hardly keep a straight face! We talked and he said he was sorry.. and (to my knowledge) he never snuck into the cookie jar again...at least if there was powder sugar on the cookies! Either that or he figured how to eat them without leaving the evidence all over his face!

Check out this YouTube video. I just love this little album! It will be perfect for a recipe or two on each page... or in each pocket. I am a pocket person...I love pockets and the extra space they give!  But isn't this perfect? And since I have four grand daughters, I'd have to make four books so multiple recipes on one page thanks to the pockets will be a huge time saver!

And I also found this recipe card book made with file folders.. I love it to! Maybe I'll combine parts of each style of book and make my own creation! I feel a trip to the dollar store in my near future...they have some scrapbook items there, but always a package of 10 file folders for a buck. And I'll pull out my stash of scrapbook papers, inks, punches and stickers and oh oh oh... I get to organize my sewing room again!!! I LOVE organizing it! I need to call it my Craft Studio since I have so many different crafts going on in there!

This is my Pinterest page    if you'd care to see the beautiful inspirational ideas I keep and repeatedly browse through for inspiration and motivation to get my fabric memory books done... I have a board for Fabric Lace Memory Books, Altered Paper Books, Quilts, Junk Journals and a few other non craft boards..Now, first thing is to decide what kind of page I want to make and the binding I like best...well, I'll answer that...spiral bound...makes for easy turn of pages and the perfect open page option.

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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The Bargello Adventure.... Begins!

Well, back to sewing! Junk Journals have been fun, but now.. I have made all I need, and... I need  a bed spread for my queen size bed...and the time has come.. I am starting it.. finally!!!  I originally intended to make a block style quilt, but that old Bargello style haunts me and I have decided that is the pattern/style what I want! Something unusual and different (not saying block quilts are common and ordinary, but.. you know what I mean!)

So memory doesn't serve all that well sometimes, thanks to my friends in my sewing/quilting groups,  I have been re-familiarizing myself with the procedure of the Bargello... Bargello is a pattern that shows motion based on how you organize small squares and multiple colors. It is a fantastic view!

4 years ago I made 2. One for my daughter and one for my grand daughter.  So I thought I'd bring those back to life and start my journal of a new bargello story with those...check them out and let me know what you think! I have learned a ton since then, both about bargellos and basic quilting so...I think this time might be easier and look better...or at least as good in a different way!

(click the title to go to the page)

(Click the title to go to the page)

I will be documenting my Bargello Adventure here if you want to follow along. Options to follow are up at the top on the left side bar. So..join and come along with me! Maybe you'll get hooked and want to make one to! The options are endless!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dinosaur Digs Quiet Book Page

Dinosaur Digs is the opposite page to Dinosaur World  that I did previously. Kind of like a "before and after" theme?  Firs the dinosaurs are roaming the world, next, they are fossils at a Dinosaur Dig! What toddler wouldn't love to dig for dinosaur bones!  Plus.. on this page, not only does the child get to find the dinosaurs...they get to actually (well, almost actually!) dig up some bones!  Took me a while to figure how to make a page that was able to "dig" on, but I think what I have designed will make my little grand son happy for some time!
I used all fabric... browns that looked like rock! The background is a sparkle looking print..perfect for a dinosaur dig! I made the rocks go around the edges of the page, and made them into pockets so a dinosaur could "hide" under or behind the rocks to be found!

There are even some bones left in the side of the mountain...he can see, but can't dig for, but he can imagine! I thought they were just a nice little accent for the page and its theme.

The "middle" rock that is to be "dug" around.. is made out of "sloppy" cut triangles, (meaning no exact straight sides, but curvy and ....sloppy!) Then I placed some side by side around in a circle, and then some on top of those, so he digs through first row of "rock" then another "row" of rock till he
 finds.....  Dinosaur bones!!!


 These "bones" I found online as a coloring book page and I printed them out on fabric paper, then a tad of batting and a white back and some satin stitch and made them into 3-D, movable, playable appliques! Now, he can "build" a dinosaur out of the "fossils" he dug up!

The "rocks" around the edges of the page are made of fabric where i just sewed it in a curvy circle or rectangles and then sewed them to the page to form pockets...so other dinosaurs can hide and be found!
 These dinos are a fabric I bought, and just cut out the image and made into a 3-D, removable, playable applique piece.

If you would like to see the page in action, click on the picture below!

This is how the 2 pages will be in the book... can't get them side by side here on the post, but... you get the picture!

I have not sewed the pages together yet....that will be the last thing I do as I will be binding them as you would a quilt and also making fabric spine, holding all pages together. So...follow along and stay tuned!  And I hope you are getting the "quiet book bug" and start one for your own little one!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dinosaur World Quiet Book Page

What little guy isn't going to want to go on a dinosaur dig or play with dinosaurs!!!  This double page is just that.The left page wasn't so hard to organize. I made it a kind of scenery of dinosaurs as seen in movies etc.  The page is 11x11 and I have not sewed them together yet. That will be the last thing I do.  I used fabric and felt on this page.
I had some fabric of these little dinosaurs on it, so I layered some thin batting and some white back and appliqued around each dino, added a snap to the back and it worked out great! I was planning on making animals out of felt, but this way is so much easier!!
 This is the page with the dinosaurs "out and about".  Leaves and vegetation are felt and the "water hole" is fabric that is appliqued onto the page. I chose larger snaps to be easier for the little fingers to learn to work with!  Another fun thing about these kinds of animals... they can be taken/used on any page in the book!
 I made the rock just by sewing two pieces of rock looking fabric together, then turn it inside out and then sewed it to the side and bottom of the page. Makes a really nice rock to keep the dinos in when not playing... hide them behind the rock while playing!  The tree branches pull back to reveal a dinosaur hiding behind the leaves!

 If you want to see my page "in motion"...here is the You Tube video of it from my You Tube channel                            Quiet Books and Quiet Book Pages.

 I have the next page that goes along with this one ready to post, so follow along and you'll see it. It is called "Dinosaur Dig".. and my little grand son will be digging for dinosaur bones/fossils!! And.. he will even be able to construct a dinosaur from bones he finds!!! Stay tuned!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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