Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Embriodery - my first project in 25 years! Going Well!

My "first" project has changed! I can't find stretcher bars for the crewel that I bought, but... you can't keep a good sewer down so I decided to do some embroidery.  This is a long story, but in a nutshell, my father is 92 and in his last days. We have been talking alot. But one thing I remember from "back in the day", he was a preacher and in  1966, I remember he did a sermon explaning what Psalm 23 meant. I have remembered a few sentences of that sermon all my life and they have calmed me so many times. And now... 50 some years later, they are still impacting my life!  Well, like I said... a long story but the result was I used that memory to create my first embroidery project!

My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was 8. I did those "days of the week" dish towels and pillowcases. Last embroidery/crewel I did was in 1988 and I have done any since. All other sewing things, but not embroidery! But.. some things never change so here I go!

This is my first time creating my own design from the canvas to the transfer to choosing floss colors! (I would buy the pre stamped kits). I chose white Kona (brand name) 100% cotton. I bought a bag of DMC floss and the little tags to wind it on. I bought a Extra fine micro tip transfer pen from in the quilting department at Joann's. After alot of questions...today I took the dive and started!

I cut my fabric 6 inches wider than I thought I would need. I intend to do the writing in the middle and embellish around it with floral designs.   Here's what I have started out with.
 I printed the part of the sermon that I remember on my desktop. I chose a straight and non "decorative" font, enlarged it and made it "Bold" and printed it out on paper. Then I laid the fabric on the printed paper and was able to see the words through the fabric just fine. I used the micro thin tip transfer pen. The pen markings will come out when just soaked in water.  I marked the corners where the middle of the project will be and then pinned the fabric to the paper to keep it straight and not moving and slowly and carefully copied the words onto the fabric.
 It came out pretty good! I did do a few little tweaks to the printed letters like made the "tails" of letters straight instead of a mild curve that they had. Like a "t" has that little tail flipping up.. I just made it straight.
 I used 3 strands of black floss. This is how far I got today. I don't know why the picture is sideways. It wasn't on the camera and it wasn't when I copied from the camera to my blog and I don't know how to change it!

So it is going well and I plan to decorate it with floral designs around it.  I found that, like riding a bike, I remember how to do the backstitch to make the letters! And a few other things!

However, one thing I HIGHLY recommend is this little "hummingbird needle threader". I forgot to buy specific embroidery needles that are very thin but have a long eye for easy threading of 3-6 strands of floss. The only one I had that was thin, had a small eye, so I got out my little threader here that I had bought in preparation for "getting old" and helping my eyesight... THIS WORKS!!!  Again, I don't know why it is sideways, but... it is Dritz and I got it at Joann's but you can get it anywhere. This little guy works great and next time J's has their notions on sale for 50% off, I will buy 2 more just to have on hand should one break!

So, this is where I am. I told my Dad about it and he said he'd love to see it as knowing something he had said decades ago made such an impact on me, made him proud to be my Dad...so I am going to make this into a pillow and send it to him. He is in Hospice care now, so hopefully, I can get it done quickly so he can at least hold it and be proud of his work. Then I will make another one for me and that one I plan to frame. So... I'll keep you all posted on the progress!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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Friday, January 31, 2020

Going Back to my Roots of Sewing

Hello everyone! Time flies when you are having fun! Or so they say! It has been rather boring here because I have run out of things to make since I didn't have a reason to make anything! Everyone had enough quilts, quiet books weren't really "liked" that much, everyone had 2 junk journals so I have been told "No More, PLEASE" by the mothers!  So that leaves just little 'ol me! So.. I decided to change my venue of work and make something for ME!  Yes, you are allowed to do that!  Since I started embroidery at age 9, I thought I'd go back to my roots and go back to embroidery and Crewel.

In my journey (yes, it was about a 2 week journey) of searching for something online. First, doing a search and then sorting through the masses of other search engines because they made their "title" sound like a store that carried "all things embroidery and crewel". Then to find a kit that I liked. I guess I am in a "box" as so little did I like!

But finally, something hit me. I looked for a similar kit to the one I made in 1986 that is currently STILL hanging on my wall and has in every house I have moved to. 
It is 18"x14". Took me a while to finish as SO many tiny, little things to do! But it was a pleasure to do, kept me busy and my brain from going numb and I just loved the scene. It has always had a great memory for me. When we were kids, we went to Disneyland every Labor Day and my favorite part was walking down "Main Street" and seeing the "old days" of decor and such.

So I found this one....

Can't wait to get it this week and get started. I will be purchasing wood frame pieces to mount it onto and a quilt floor frame to mount the crewel frame too so I can sit anywhere and enjoy creating my "back in the day" wall hanging!

I'll keep you posted on progress!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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