Sunday, July 15, 2018

Emily's Mine Craft Mini Journal

Emily's Mine Craft Mini Junk Journal

My grand daughter loves Mine Craft game, so when making her mini junk journal.. I thought I'd do the best I can (I know NOTHING about Mine Craft!) and try to include that theme into her junk journal.  I am making one for each of my grand daughters, and kind of a surprise so I can't ask to much without giving the surprise away!

 But my problem was...I only have a black ink printer so I couldn't print Mine Craft Images from the internet. So.. I decided, why make them for her.. let her make her own favorite characters! So I included smal (2"x3") squares of graph paper so she can draw her favorites herself! Then I added sticker letters for some of the characters and then.. just pages and embellishments that I thought she would enjoy. The video is below, but here are a few pages!   And YES!  It is a "chunky Monkey" style - my favorite style!
 One thing about making junk journals for kids... some aren't quite understanding how to use the junk journal. I am trying to get them to write about things.. memories, events etc so in their later years.. they will have those memories. But.. they tell me they forget to write, or don't know what to write, so I thought.. make it simple, easy and QUICK and they (hopefully) be more apt to use the journal.. and get the idea for later years when they do know what to write!
 So.. I just made small pages, small journaling cards/papers so they only have to write for instance, event name, date and a "this was so much fun" or something like that, then stick the little note card into a pocket or tuck spot!

So here is the video of Emily's Mine Craft Mini Junk journal. I made the pages 3"x5". I do tend to go over board and don't know when to stop adding things. I keep telling myself.. LET THEM fill it with what THEY want or that matters to THEM.. not me! Hopefully one day I will listen to myself!

If you like it, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment. Love hearing from everyone.. your likes or dislikes! That is how we learn! Join my blog here to follow (I don't put everything on YouTube!) and join to follow my You Tube channel (Junk Journals to Hold Your Memories) and I'll be posting from time to time. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mini Junk Journal featuring Harry Potter

I am making mini junk journals for my grand daughters, to hopefully, encourage them to jot down things that happen in their lives, that can later become a memory. The issue is....they say they don't know what to write, when to write or what to write! I made them larger ones and they loved them, but these issues are what they have told me as to why they don't write in them.
So..the mini junk journal is the perfect solution... I hope!     

I will tell them that since the pages are small (3"x2.5"), all they need to do is jot down a few words. Date, place, who. what...that's all. Later hopefully, (lot of hope going on here!) they will remember that when they look back, but more to the point...this will encourage them and get them ready to do more journaling as they get older and use the larger Junk Journals to write their memories.
A bit chunky, but alot of fun!
A few of the pages and all the pockets, tags and tuck spots!

 Ink stained doilly, rhinestones, tags and pockets. The ribbons on top are attached to either a paper clip or a tag. Love the mini envelopes!

This mini junk journal is for the oldest of 4 sisters. I tried to make the journals with a theme that each girl likes. I asked them to write a list of things they like, colors, themes, people, times etc.  This is the one I made for the oldest of the 4. She likes Harry Potter so I used that theme. I know nothing about Harry Potter so I got some help from friends on Junk Journal Junkies and did a few things related to that movie.  Then, just added things that she said she liked...burgandy and turquoise colors, retro, vintage etc. 
I also added a special memory from me and a little something from her Great Grandmother that she only  knew for a little while before she passed away. I try to include memories of those loved, here or gone...just to keep the family heritage in their hearts and minds. 

This is the video of the flip through that I did of this mini journal. Check it out, and hope you enjoy it and get some ideas for embellishing a mini for your grand child! Or.. even if you want to do one for yourself...hopefully you will find some inspiration in this one! 

Thanks for stopping by and watching the video. Join to follow me here on my blog in the upper left corner of the home page and also on You Tube. I have 5 more minis to make so each grand child has one.

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Junk Journal for "later". Plan ahead!

It's been awhile since I did Junk Journaling but... I'm back! Taking a break from sewing!  I finished this junk journal with the intention of having it for a trip I will be taking. I plan to be moving to another state and wanted to have something to write things about the trip, when I get there, find a new house etc.

I made this one with mostly pocket pages, tuck spots and other ways for ADDING as I go, instead of writing on the actual page.  Lots of journaling cards and other papers to take out of the book, write on and then slide back into a pocket or tuck spot.

I also included a few memories of my past in this state, both current and from my childhood.  Kind of like I was saying good bye to the past and hello to the future!

Here is the video of it on You Tube... click and watch and enjoy and get some good ideas for your own junk journal! 

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chunky Monkey Recycled Part 2...."Blue"

Hello Friends!
I just finished another junk journal....this one is for ....ME!  Yes, I took the other half of the huge, chunky monkey one I made and it "part 2" or as I call it "Blue"!  The first Chunky Monkey one, was just to.. chunky and thick and hard to write in and interact with, so I took it apart, made 2 journals with 3 signatures each! Leaving 1/2 inch between each signature as I sewed it to the spine helped alot in making the journal lay flatter so that it is easier to write in.

It is also interactive...lots of fun "hiding places" and neat little spots for journaling. I have put all memories of some kind/time in my life in this one.

I have posted a video on You Tube about it...about 15 minutes long and just about the page ideas so you can get some ideas for your own journals. I don't know/remember brand names, where I got what etc. Just...lots of ideas to share! I hope you enjoy it and leave me a "thumbs up"!

If you would like to know about the Blue's sibling...Purple... click here....

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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Junk Journal page: The Cat in the Hat

I have been working alot on my junk journals. I am working on making one for each of my grand daughters for Christmas because it is a good chance that I will be relocating to another state, and won't see them for a very very long time. I plan to write to them and send them little things that they can put in their journals to remember me and our brief times together. are a few pages I have finished.

Each of them love the book The Cat in the Hat so I found a book at the thrift store that was rather beat up, but not to beat up a Junk Journalist couldn't see the hidden treasure it I bought it and put a page in each of their books.
This is the first page/side of the Cat page...I just used a decorative packing tape and taped it to where the spine will be. With the picture as words necessary!   Page on the left is left blank for journaling

 This is the other side of the page as you turn the page in the journal. Again, no words necessary but I am sure there will be a smile on my grand daughters face when she sees her fun friend!.  Page on the right....the first yellowish portion is the bottom of a burger bag from McDonalds...(the other end is a pocket page) and I just cut the bottom here open, and the brownish portion is a journaling card that slips in the bag pocket. The blank space around for journaling!

As a side note: When I was little I wanted a 
Cat in the Hat book SO BAD!!! Everyone had a copy..... but me! I never even got to read the whole story until much later in life, when I read it to my kids! And "Go, Dog, Go" was another favorite and the only time I got to read that one was when I went to my cousins house...he had one and let me read it! So.. in a way, this page is kind of a part of my life too.....that I am also passing on to the girls!
Many of the pages in this journal are just 32lb weight blank, 8x10 (typing) paper, folded in half and tea stained, then ironed with the corners. Other pages will be scrapbook style pattern paper, pockets, bags etc.

So you can see how easy it is to make pages of interest! And how a quick check at the thrift store, can give you alot of "pages" for  an inexpensive price and so many memories!

I know there are those that might be rather angry at me for tearing a book. I don't endorse doing that, but in this case..the book was falling apart and was on its way to the landfill if it didn't sell, so I figure not only did I save "space" in a landfill, but also, got the author's story, loved by a little her life forever, including the memories she has of reading The Cat in the Hat!
Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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Junk Journal Page: Harry Potter from a magazine!

While making the junk journals for my grand daughters as a Christmas gift, I am working on expanding my pages to include other things, besides those made with paper as well as things/themes my grand daughters like.  The second oldest GD is 10 and she told me she loved the Harry Potter movies and books.  So in looking through a magazine, I saw this ad for  a Harry Potter movie and thought.... "how perfect!". I can put in her journal what she likes as well as satisfy my efforts to use "other" supplies in my junk journals.

The pages are tea stained, 8x10. So the ad was smaller than that. So I folded it in half and used double sided sticky tape across the top and bottom of the ad....and stuck it to the tea stained paper, matching center folds. Then on each side, I used a circle punch and punched the half circles, indicating a pocket slide. The two brown pieces to each side are journaling cards....a decorative (with a little glitter!) front and blank on the back for writing on! This is also the center of the signature, so the whole ad will be seen, just like this, when she gets to this page in her journal!

I don't know anything about Harry Potter, but she does and I know the smiles are going to shine when she sees this! I hope (and will suggest!) that she use the journaling cards and write about which her favorite Harry Potter book/movie (I know there have been several!) was or if she had any imaginary thoughts about her doing anything in the stories that she thought was cool...maybe she imagined herself a wizard and could do what he does! I will encourage her to write about it, so in years down the road...she will have those memories to bring her happy thoughts!

You can do this same thing with any theme...if you just see a pretty picture in a magazine or a place you'd like to go or even something cute, funny or something you'd like to have...I saw one that I wish I'd was the prettiest watch I have ever seen! Granted it was couple thousand dollars..and I wouldn't NEVER spend that much on a watch  even if I had it, but...the watch was pretty and I wish I'd thought to keep the page!

Check your magazines! They are full of things you might like to include in your junk journal!

 Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!
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Chunky Monkey Recycled Part 1..."Purple"~

Remember when I made this HUGE chunky monkey junk journal?  I use a cereal box for the cover/spine and it is 8.5"x11" paper folded in half and tea stained. 5 hole pamphlet stitch spine.

 I filled it with my memories of my childhood (the little bit I remember after all these years) and memories of my kids and of my grand kids. I added places I have been, other family members, songs that meant something to me, pictures..and other things on paper that meant something to me or held a memory.

 It had 6 signatures. I made each signature with regular printer paper but the heavier 32lb kind.. and stacked 6-9 papers, folded the stack in half and the middle was where I tied the spine. Each signature had about 24 "pages"...meaning front and back of say 6 papers. (I forgot how many exactly!)
Well, my problem was... when I would open the journal to write in was so thick and stiff I couldn't open it enough to get the pages to lay flat enough to write on. I was loosing about 1 inch of writing space from the center in. Plus, it was hard to get journal cards etc in and out of pockets. What good is an interactive journal if it won't interact with you!

So, I broke the journal down into 2 journals with 3 signatures each. Turned out really nice. I now have these......
I used the same lace and lace flowers from the original journal and just put one one each of these and cut the lace in half. Worked out great!  I was also surprised at how quickly I was able to make the covers with cereal boxes. They are pretty easy. And I did a 5 hole pamphlet stitch to bind them. Now, they open just nice and easy to write on the pages and use the pockets and tuck spots.. be interactive with it!
One of the things I did make sure to do was...I left about 1/4-1/2 inch of space between each signature. Believe it or not, that little bit of space makes a difference and allows the pages to lay more flat, which makes it easy to write on the whole page and not waste any space, and make it look right and also opens enough to let the tags and letters and things I put in it, be  able to be pulled out, tucked in and ...interactive!

I did a video flip through of it... It is on my YouTube channel "Junk Journals to Hold Your Memories" If you'd like to watch the flip through. It is about 5 minutes...not very long. It shows you everything, and I don't chatter away about what you already know! I just "flip through" the pages and mention a thing or two!

Hope you enjoy it and also...grab some ideas for your own junk journals! I have the "other half" of the journal to download so if you want to see that one.. or just follow as I post...subscribe to my channel!  And if you would....give me a thumbs up and leave a comment! Thanks for watching!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!

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Finished! Its more like a Scrapbook Journal but I got some "junk" in it!

I have taken a slight detour from my fabric memory books . I was introduced to "junk journals" and like the fabric hooked! What a great way to preserve memories! Quick and easy!  The book is shown below, I have started writing memories in this "junk journal" of things my children/grand children did or said, and since I dont' get to see them on their birthdays etc, I write what I would have said to them had I been able to..... things like that. Kind of like bringing my past memories to the present. It's fun and knowing my memories will never fade if I write them me comfort anyway. Its  like a walk through time. It worked out great as some of the memories are very the smaller pages work great for that!
If you want to read where/how it my blog post  HERE. I am working on filling it with past memories I have of my grand children

 I learned there was more to "junk journals" than this one I had. I watched some videos on Youtube and joined some "junk journal" groups and got hooked! I stopped SB'ing 10 years ago, but kept most of my supplies and when I realized the same supplies were used, I drug my leftovers out of the closet and the journey began! is my first "junk" journal book! I think I like it! It turned out to be more of a scrapbook journal book
Now "junk journals' are made of just that..junk papers, flyers, envelopes, stubs, bags..basically if it is paper and can be written on or glued on or just looks pretty/ is deemed a supply for a junk journal. I love the vintage ones...all those old form papers, the date paper from library books from back in the day, time sheets...just all kinds of old themed papers (many from my own childhood/past) ...blended with current stuff and you have a wonderful journal to write..whatever you want to write in it! "Junk journals" are often made with a vintage look..old fashioned...retro...shabby chic and those are my favorite style. Some day I will have one!

Well, I decided to make one. However... I have two "craft issues".  I am a very organized, structured, tailored kind of person...everything has to match, be even, equal and organized. and "junk" aren't friends much. So my first book is structured, tailored, neat, clean and organized! It is more of a scrapbook for journaling instead of for pictures. My other issue is... I can't just make something cause I like to make it. I have to have a reason, a theme, a purpose. I have no use for a junk journal as I don't have anything to write about or "say". I am not busy enough to use it as a planner. So...since my grand daughter's 15th birthday was on my mind, I decided to "use her" as my theme and reason for making it. Her fav colors, memories from her past, where she is now etc.

 I used cardstock and scrapbook paper and cut the pages 8x8. I used the accordian style binding and here's the style of page I used. Then each of the middle pages was cut at the fold or left open at the top to form a pocket page.

This is the cover. I used cereal box for the covers and spine then covered them with pattern scrapbook paper from my stash. The words are "happiness, smiles, Good Times" Thought that'd be good for her high school years. I just used a thick fabric ribbon and wound it around with a tie so it was easy to open and nothing to pull or hook to keep the book closed. The playing cards... no point, just looked nice. It was a piece of 12x12 paper and I cut out a "straight" (or is that a flush?) and used all hearts as she is in my heart and I want her to always know that! A piece of lace, a length of gold glitter ribbon and 3 little rose motifs.

There are 11 pages total (fronts and backs) plus pocket pages in the middle, but I didn't include pics of some of will be long enough with just these!  Every page has pockets, tuck spots, open up things, pull down tabs...lot of places to put/tuck/write things...but on 8x8 area! She likes "secret" things like that so I hope that will be a major appeal to her to like the book!

This is the second and third pages...the light paper on the left side opens downward with lined paper to write something and a bobby pin decorated to use as a paper clip to hold something there. The right side... a doily folded over the side of the page making a tuck spot. I stuck a piece of pink paper and a few sheets of a little story she wrote several years ago when she was into writing stories. She can put whatever she wants there.
 Flip the page and you get the doily on this page too and more sticker words and some decorated papers to write on..front and back - tucked under the doily. Right side is a picture from a magazine of her dog.. at least nearly her dog. Looks alot like him, but not exactly..she'll get the point! I was trying for the "junk" feature. Behind it is a pocket with some tags to pull out to write on or glue a picture!
 Next 2 pages...left side is just a strip of the black paper..she likes halloween so it it black with yellow, orange and white dots and tags with gold glitter ribbon on the bottoms and tags with candy corn (her favorite candy) print ribbon at the top. Other side is an it and there is a paper in there to write. She was just  her mothers maid of honor and the colors were this teal and black so that is why I chose this paper..thought she could write about her feelings of the wedding etc.  And I garnished it with same colored rhinestones.
 Next is a page on the left, is made with a pattern paper looking at tad vintage. I printed out, on beige cardstock, some post cards "dated" and designed from back in the 30's-ish. She can pull them out and write on the backs. Right side is...2 years ago this christmas she went to Paris so I pull a page from a magazine with the Eiffel Tower on it, glued it to cardstock and made a pocket out of it with 2 tags..again with the gold glitter ribbon at the tops this time.
 These next ones were the first pages I made. It ended up looking more like a scrapbook journal instead of a junk journal, but as the pages went by, I did figure to add some of the "junk" the magazine pages. This one... it was scrapbook paper too, says "it isn't about waiting for the storm to stop....(and the next page says "its about learning to dance in the rain") These were on paper too, so I cut them out and mounted them to make a banner. Left side is pockets with decorated cards for writing...right side is little "file folders" and if you open the folder, there is a long attached paper for writing..then you just fold it up and close the folder! The whole right page is made into a pocket with a yellow cardstock card to pull out for journaling or pictures. She can have her friends write on some of these tags too!
 This is the back side of the above...left side is two card tags in a slide slot and the right is 3 journaling cards with words at the top in a pocket.
I ended up using things from her past. My theory is...have some of her past for memories...some for the present to make memories and some for the future for her hopes and dreams of making memories!  Her favorite thing for many years when she was little was animal prints...leopard and zebra specifically so of course, I had to make pages of that. Fortunately I had some in my stash! Left side is 3 tags I covered with the leopard print in a pocket made from a small brown paper bag that has a tag in it. Closed, it is fastened with a decorated paper clip. The middle page there is zebra print and a large pocket with a tea dyed paper "book" and......
 turn the pocket page and you pull the book out and can write in it. Page on the right has a pocket of the zebra print and a leopard print writing card to pull out. The part on the pocket is a "secret" thing (she enjoyed playing secret detective) ...pull the brown tab up and it says "Treasure Map" and it is a piece of typing paper, tea dyed, that can be opened to full size and she can write on it, the fold it back up and hide it under the clasp! I don't know if she will "like" that idea now, but when she was around 7-9 years old...she'd a loved, loved, loved it!
 Trying to bring "junk" into the journal, her favorite "food" is mac and cheese so I took a page from a magazine and folded it and inserted it into the binding and also one of her favorite candy,  conversation hearts...these here are cookies, but I think she'll get the point! Same thing..magazine page and slipped into the binding.
Turn the page and there is cute scrapbook paper print of chocolate chips...a pocket and 2 journaling cards. To the right is a pocket with a journaling card in the top. She loved choco chips when she was little and to my knowledge...still loves a handfull every now and then!
For current memories, the next pages are school theme...the lockers there are a printed paper of all lockers so I cut two out, cut some lined paper and stapled to make a book. The papers behind it are just plain and I accented them with grades etc for the school theme and in a denim pocket with a little vintage grade card embellishment. To the right is a tag pocket with lined paper on the front and a lined tag in it..with a pop top glued for the tag pull! Turn the tag pocket and it is the same on the other side and the right page is paper that looks like a chalk board, and a small stack of the Post It notes and some index cards with a paper clip for journaling. That page also is a pocket.
 She loves the beach, so this page I used beach theme print paper.. the shells are a realistic print, the pocket is a paper that looks like sand and I used vellum for the note paper. To the right is water looking paper I made a large pocket opening at top with a flap closure and 2 pages inside for journaling. She loved Orca whales so I had to include a sticker of that!
 Turn the page and on the back of the water pocket is another "sand" paper pocket and shell cards. The duck is a punch art embellishment I made 10 years ago and still had from my scrapbook days. The other side there is slide pocket and more journaling cards.
 I made the pages and assembled the book kind of like from when she was little (first page) to things she liked in the past, to the present of school and ending with "what the future holds" so I thought I hope she gets to travel to see I used a map of New York. I chose New York as there is alot of history there and I believe in kids knowing the history of this country etc...and New York would be her style anyway so I just stopped at AAA and got a map of New York. I used little Post It arrows to show places I am sure she has heard of, to the right is the front of the map with the Statue of Liberty on it, and...
 flip that up and there is the part of NY she probably knows most about..with an arrow pointing to the Twin Towers as 9/11 happened in her life time, Madison Square Gardens, Staten Island  and museums and other things, can't remember right now. I wanted something to resemble a pass port to go along with the travel theme for journaling so I made one as you see there with blank paper inside and the map there is a pocket page where the pass port slides into!
 Last page is a die cut of the skyline...somewhere. It is left over from my scrapbook days and I glued it to make a pocket with some tags and the back cover is more of the map of New York.
There are two more facing page sets, but I think this post is "picture heavy" enough, so I'll stop there.  I think it turned out okay for my first time. The binding is the accordian style and I goofed in that I creased the pages with a 1/2 inch section which would go into the accordian folds, but made the accordian folds only 1/4 inch so a bit bulky in the middle, but with use, I think that will settle down.

I am not sure if she will like it...she is a city girl and a cheerleader in 9th grade and totally with the "e-everything gadget" and not at all crafty inclined so I am not to sure she will understand the point of the journal as it relates to memories but if she doesn't want it, I will just keep it and maybe she will want it later! I will stress to her that she can put anything she wants in the pockets and tuck spots. Notes from her friends, dreams she has for her future she writes to herself, thoughts, pictures, ticket stubs, programs..fill the pockets with anything...write about anything....anything she wants! And it doesn't have to "match" the theme of the page either.

The next book I made is called a "paper bag" journal...but I forgot the paper bag...but it still turned out good... I just have no use for it! I'll have a post about that next week so keep an eye out for the post!  I am hoping to make them  good enough to be able to sell them at a craft fair come November. It would  sure be nice to at least recoop my expenses because as you well know....crafting is not exactly cheap! Plus.. if I make them...I need something to do with them!  Wish me luck!

P.S. On the fabric books, the reason I got distracted enough to find something else is,  I ran out of lace and it is pretty expensive to buy, but I went to a swap meet last week and there was one booth with nothing but lace and ribbons. I bought 2 yards each of 2 different wide, flat lace which is what I was needing, so I plan to go back in a few weekends and get some more, so once I get the initial hoopla out of my system of junk journals.. I can do them at the same time as my sewing room is set up to be able to just sit and do either I want without having to pull things in and out of storage/closet. I got it pretty organized in there! So ....don't leave me now! More to come!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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