Quilts and Blankets

I make so many things...some with fabric, some with other mediums. I will just post a picture with short caption here and if you see anything you like and want more information.. just email me and we can chat about it!

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T-Shirt Quilt 

Fleece and Flannel Blanket


(detail post to come, but it is for my son, the Civil War buff!)

"Guitar Man" quilt..made for my brother, the guitar man! (detail post to come)

 Garden Picket Fence Quilt

Make Labels For Your Quilt 

Horses and Butterflies = Memories  


 Hopscotch Quilt  


My first try at Bargello pattern quilt. I used 13 prints/shades of pink. It is for my daughter and she loves pink!

A Symbolic Memory Quilt.  I made this for my grand daughter with memories of a special time that we had. Telling stories! She loved the book "Cordoroy" and I then use the bear and a favorite stuffed toy she had and told stories with them. Here's the blog post about the story, the memory and the quilt!

A special favorite of mine was the I Spy quilt I made
for my grand kids.

I so believe in bringing the games of yesteryear to kids these days.  So I asked for some help from some cyber quilting friends and I collected 169, 3x3 image blocks..and sewed them into this fantastic I Spy quilt! Some amazing things to spy...hot dogs on a grill, cheeseburgers, unicorn, cow with a blue nose....Here is the blog post about the construction and evolution of the quilt!    

handmade quilt

This quilt is 72x72. I made it as a wedding gift for a family member. It is made of 3x3" HST's  per block and  9 blocks. And the beige background fabric is a gold sparkle fabric..really sparkles! Here's the post about this Wedding quil

This is a doll blanket, pillow and diaper bag. I made it for my grand daughter. The blanket and pillow fit inside the diaper bag with extra space for the "baby" stuff



*****Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse *****

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse...this is a twin size featuring the older version of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The featured block is a Moyne Star..made out of HST's (half square triangles). Small four patch as the cornerstone and the Micky/Minnie block is 8"x10" in size and FMQ (free motion quilted) around the figures. The back is a warm soft fleece.


**** Spy a Crooked Zebra*****

This quilt is 60x60". I used HST's for the pink and black center and for the pink and zebra print corners. Flying Geese for the zebra and white points. Zebra print cornerstones finished with black sashings and a pink binding. A warm, soft fleece zebra print for the back. The reason I gave it that name was because when I was completely finished with the quilt, I noticed one of the zebra print/pink corners was "crooked". It was  finished so I couldn't fix it! Can you "spy" it?


These doll quilts were all made from my scrap stash. This one is pinwheels made with HST's.  30x30"

This doll quilt features the Flying Geese piece made with charms from my scrap stash and a pale yellow for the backgrounds.

This doll quilt is made from charms from my scrap stash. I made hourglass pieces and used white as the contract block. 30x30"

*****Planets, Stars and Constellations****

This quilt is about 45x45". It is made with panels in the middle and the stars are made with HST's out of a star print fabric. ALL stars, both in the star block and on the constellation blocks GLOW IN THE DARK!!! The back (below) is colorful p

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