Saturday, September 24, 2016

A nice glass of Iced tea and....some storage!

As every crafter knows...easy access storage is a MUST!!!  And also, as every crafter doesn't grow on tress! So, as every crafter knows....we must use what we have very intelligently and wisely and...creatively!

Well, also in the name of recycling...I am always looking at things I throw away in case I can upcycle them. In Junk Journaling that is a must for all food boxes! Cereal boxes make great book covers!

However, here I share this idea that fell in to my lap...and I'm going...."wow...Lipton is so cool!" 
I drink Lipton ice tea... always, 24/7/365!

So I buy the box of 100...last me about 30 days. But this new way they have been packing the tea bags....what a great idea they had for me!!

 Buy a box like this..the tea bags are 25 to a section and wrapped in a gold foil. Tear open the foil (I should have saved it!) and dump the tea bags into another container. I have a mason jar for them.   Cut the top off the box.
 You are left with this (to the left)... four neat, orderly little paper "containers" that fit in the box, perfectly.
 Place papers, small in the front and larger as they go back. Each rectangle "box" hplds a different size paper.  In this picture, I use just papers cut different sizes for journaling cards.    I have 2 of these at my craft table. The other one I have things I have made in it...tags, flip pages, envelopes etc.
Here is a front can clip little binder clips, paper clips, clothes pins to the front of the box. have a perfect view of the papers by size so you know which section to go to based on the size you are looking for! Nice, neat, orderly, and all in a row! You can even take the whole box with you to another room or if you need to work somewhere and then clean up afterwards. It all moves very nicely and you have everything you need at your finger tips!  I think I should have covered the box to make it look pretty, but....even a devoted crafter sometimes has to take a break!

Quick and easy!  Enjoy your iced tea...and organization at your craft table!!!
Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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  1. Great tip! I have a tea box like this in my pantry RIGHT NOW!!!!!😃😃😃

  2. Drink up!!! It sounds like a silly thing, but really...this has worked so great for me for dividing things up so I can see what I have to use.


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