Friday, August 19, 2016

Make Pages About Things That Tell About You!

 I have been working hard and as often as I can on  4 junk journals for my 4 grand daughters and one for me. I flip between them to keep inspired and not get bogged down with thinking and matching and structure etc.  I am trying to get out of my "every  thing must have structure and theme and be matching and organized" box.  I am working on understanding that "Junk" journal doesn't meant junk junk, like throw in the trash junk. But it is "junk" meaning...good to keep, just not sure what to do with it but I know I don't want to trash it". And I am trying to be more cluttered (in a good way) and more spontaneous and just...little more...junkie!!!

So here are a few pages I have done. One of these days I will teach myself how to do a video. Until then.. I got pictures.  I wanted to make this book about me and my memories. Things I like, love, did, have, had, etc especially from my past. We all think we will remember things, but time will make the memories I want to keep them for me and then hand the book to my grand daughters so they will remember me when I am "gone". I have some pages about high school years, some about my kids, some about places I have been, some about the Grand kids etc.  I want my grand kids to have it to remember me by...and I know they all will fight over it but that is a good thing!!!

This first page is  about my favorite TV show and movie of all time. I am a huge I Love Lucy fan and the movie she made in 1957 with Desi Arnaz (where they were NOT Lucy and Ricky Ricardo) called Long Long Trailer, and is my all time favorite movie and the funniest movie ever! The movie kind of hits home with me as  three times in my life, with 2 kids... I had to live in a travel trailer so I know how it is!  And I Love Lucy..funniest sitcom in the history of television...only show to have never let the airwaves since it went off the air in 1957. so for 74 years the world have been loving Lucy! So I made a page out of it. I know most of the dialog of all the I Love Lucy episodes and most of the dialog of Long Long Trailer. So many times in life..something will happen or will be said.. and I will pop up with a Lucy quote or say.."see..Lucy did this too" or something like that. So.. Lucy is a part of me that the kids will enjoy remembering so..... I printed out some pictures of the movie from the internet  - two of my favorite scenes... and made flip flaps out of them, Then I wrote underneath them. The bottom one has the dialog they were saying in that scene in the movie....."I did not tell you to turn right. You didn't let me finish. What I was trying to say turn right here left",  funniest line in the movie! Oh the left side of the page is I Love Lucy, I collected some of the episode cards and printed some of my favorite episodes out from the internet and did the same thing. Under the right side there.. the red showing above the top picture.. is an embroidered heart with the iconic stick figures from the original show's opening credits. I never put it on anything, I did!

This idea is good for your favorite show, book, movie. When I give this to my grand daughters after I am "gone", I know they will all smile and laugh remembering how much I loved Lucy and all the silly show lines I always say. The older GD watches the sitcom with me when she comes to visit. She enjoys it. Her favorite is where Lucy raises chickens. Mine is the Paris Gowns!
When you go to some places, you often see those machines that flatten a penny (cost you 50 cents!) and it makes an impression of  the logo of where you are. I decided to start collecting them when I could. And subsequently, had a few laying around in the corner of my jewlery box.  SO.. I took them and put them in a little zip baggie (get them at the craft store) I put one in, then a double sided stick tape and then another flattened penny. The four on the bottom (2 bags) are glued to the page. Underneath I glued an index card, and wrote where they were from and why I chose to make one. I need three more to do the same on the top. But now, I have them in my memory book and not being moved from spot to spot cause I didn't know what to do with them! I plan  on collecting them anytime I see them now!
I love pockets and small pages, and little flaps etc. add pages, but not be so  structured,....I cut a paper in half, decorated it and then slide it into the signature, same way a full size page is. The red washi tape at the top separates it from the full pages and all four sides are blank.. and ready to be written on! Makes the journal look "junky" but in a fun and unique way! Not to mention..usable way!


 Something else, I love doing... making the tabs on the sides of the pages so they stick out and look all decorative and beautifully cluttered! This is also where "junk" sinks in with me. It looks "junky" and cluttered and all over the place..but it is so pretty and unique and very enjoyable to look at!
I make the tab and then add little stickable rhinestones, colored paper clips, stickers etc to the tab. I bought some glitter and metallic scrapbook paper to cut labels  with a punch. I will be adding some ribbon ends to some tags and those will stick out and look fantastic!!!
 Thanks for stopping by... hope you find some inspiration to take to your own junk journals and figure out that "junk journal" doesn't really mean means... memories kept in a very special book!
Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!
And now also a Junk Journal Addict!

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  1. Cheri, this is a marvelous book! Your granddaughters are lucky to have a Nanny who thought ahead to leave some bits of herself for them to enjoy long into the future. Love how everything is so special and colorful and I like your ideas for using the flattened pennies. Really a beautiful and unique keepsake!


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