Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Pocket Recipe Altered Book is in my Future!

Well everyone, I have been searching for ideas on  ideas and inspiration to create pages for my fabric lace memory books. I  seem to have hit a wall in the creation department! I make a pocket on every page for adding a tangible memory item, from the past or to have for a future tangible memory item. Well, in searching for inspiration...I stumbled on this....and I need one of these! Well, before you think I've one sandwich shy a picnic lunch,  let me tell you about what I am talking about first. 

Years ago, late 90's I guess... I decided to make a family cook book. I had made some things that the kids liked or others in my large family liked and we had large family gatherings and some of my cooking was specifically requested to be brought to every family function. Add to that some of my mom's favorite recipes and I have a book to publish! So I thought I would put a cook book together for my kids to have after I'm "gone". You know, carry on the family tradition. I typed one out using Word Perfect...(remember way back way?!?!?) and I just type on half sheet of 8x10 colored paper.  I type the recipe and then at the bottom, wrote out a few lines about why this recipe was special or the memory that went with it.

The one that sticks out first and foremost was a cookie I made and rolled it in powder sugar. I made a bunch and my little boy - around 4-5 years old..begged for them. I gave him some and then said no more. Of course, all-american boy he was (still is!) begged and begged and I said no, you've had enough....no, later after dinner...you moms know the drill! Anyway...the next day we went through the same thing and I said the same thing. Later that day, I noticed his lips, chin and all down the front of his shirt had white "stuff" on it! I did a bit of silent,"mom detective" work, and  realized he had snuck some of the powder sugar cookies out of the cookie jar! And in eating them quickly and secretively, the powder sugar left a huge trail of evidence!  I asked him if he had had any cookies...he said no. I asked if he had washed his face...he said no. I asked if he was sure he had not taken any cookies from the cookie jar. He said no. I took him to the bathroom and put him in front of the mirror and asked 'What is this on your face and shirt?" Talk about total shock "I just got caught" look...he was so pitiful looking, I could hardly keep a straight face! We talked and he said he was sorry.. and (to my knowledge) he never snuck into the cookie jar again...at least if there was powder sugar on the cookies! Either that or he figured how to eat them without leaving the evidence all over his face!

Check out this YouTube video. I just love this little album! It will be perfect for a recipe or two on each page... or in each pocket. I am a pocket person...I love pockets and the extra space they give!  But isn't this perfect? And since I have four grand daughters, I'd have to make four books so multiple recipes on one page thanks to the pockets will be a huge time saver!

And I also found this recipe card book made with file folders.. I love it to! Maybe I'll combine parts of each style of book and make my own creation! I feel a trip to the dollar store in my near future...they have some scrapbook items there, but always a package of 10 file folders for a buck. And I'll pull out my stash of scrapbook papers, inks, punches and stickers and oh oh oh... I get to organize my sewing room again!!! I LOVE organizing it! I need to call it my Craft Studio since I have so many different crafts going on in there!

This is my Pinterest page    if you'd care to see the beautiful inspirational ideas I keep and repeatedly browse through for inspiration and motivation to get my fabric memory books done... I have a board for Fabric Lace Memory Books, Altered Paper Books, Quilts, Junk Journals and a few other non craft boards..Now, first thing is to decide what kind of page I want to make and the binding I like best...well, I'll answer that...spiral bound...makes for easy turn of pages and the perfect open page option.

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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