Sunday, April 9, 2017

Road Trip! Quiet Book Adventure, page 1

And the adventure begins!  The quiet book I am making for my grandson is on its way! I finished the first page (well, actually it is 2,1/2 pages!) but I am so happy with how this page turned out! I want the pages to not be just educational or learning issues, but also,  I want him to be able to use his imagination and have fun!  What little boy doesn't love little cars!!! I found these mini size hot wheel style cars in a box of toys I have left from when his sister was little. (She just last week turned 17!) She and I used to take all the little cars out on the patio and use sidewalk chalk to make a "city" and roads and run the cars all around!

So... to run cars, a guy needs a road. I also try to put memories or something special in the pages...and also use scraps and things I have in my stash...'s what I came up with. Route 66. No, he will probably never know the real Route 66 or what it means etc, (his daddy does so hopefully he will fill in the blanks!) But.. I made a Route 66 quilt for my cousin and had some of the fabric left over, so I cut out the different images and used them on the page. I didn't write a blog about this quilt..but here's a picture of it.. 
So I used pieces and iron on interfacing and made some appliques for the quiet book. I have a you tube video about it at the end here.. and that will tell you a few more ways I included a memory of me for him. I will be moving to another state this year, so unfortunately he and I won't be able to have a personal relationship, but I plan to do things for him thanks to the USPS! But that is another story for another time.  For now...I will give him ways to think of me!

I made a road pattern and cut it out of black cotton and sewed to to one page, then flipped it backwards and cut another one for the next page and made a loop for him to go "both ways"! See the route 66 sign there? And the little brown piece in the middle of the road is a tunnel! The red car is an applique I made from the Route 66 fabric.

The house on this page is from a piece of fabric I bought that... had houses on it! Then another pattern for a loop will be on the next page.

I did a You Tube video about it... easier for you to see how it all works with a video!  If you want to see the video,

 One picture...the last page has a pocket on the bottom of the page to hold the little cars! Then flip this page over, and there is more road!

Hope you enjoyed the Road Trip page and got some ideas for your own. I do plan to add a car wash to the pages. I just keep forgetting to do that, as I got on a roll and have completed 4 sets of pages this past week! Subscribe to my You Tube page when you watch the video and the new pages will be up soon. 

And... join to follow my blog here (upper left sidebar, choose how you want to join!), as I will have them here also. Some pages won't have a video tho...but they all will be here! So, join and follow along and make your own Quiet Book for the child you love!
Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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