Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dinosaur World Quiet Book Page

What little guy isn't going to want to go on a dinosaur dig or play with dinosaurs!!!  This double page is just that.The left page wasn't so hard to organize. I made it a kind of scenery of dinosaurs as seen in movies etc.  The page is 11x11 and I have not sewed them together yet. That will be the last thing I do.  I used fabric and felt on this page.
I had some fabric of these little dinosaurs on it, so I layered some thin batting and some white back and appliqued around each dino, added a snap to the back and it worked out great! I was planning on making animals out of felt, but this way is so much easier!!
 This is the page with the dinosaurs "out and about".  Leaves and vegetation are felt and the "water hole" is fabric that is appliqued onto the page. I chose larger snaps to be easier for the little fingers to learn to work with!  Another fun thing about these kinds of animals... they can be taken/used on any page in the book!
 I made the rock just by sewing two pieces of rock looking fabric together, then turn it inside out and then sewed it to the side and bottom of the page. Makes a really nice rock to keep the dinos in when not playing... hide them behind the rock while playing!  The tree branches pull back to reveal a dinosaur hiding behind the leaves!

 If you want to see my page "in motion" is the You Tube video of it from my You Tube channel                            Quiet Books and Quiet Book Pages.

 I have the next page that goes along with this one ready to post, so follow along and you'll see it. It is called "Dinosaur Dig".. and my little grand son will be digging for dinosaur bones/fossils!! And.. he will even be able to construct a dinosaur from bones he finds!!! Stay tuned!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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