Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Quick Turn Tool that will save your sanity!

I discovered this tool one day and thought the sky was going to fall! I have been so happy with it since!  You know how hard it is to  turn the fabric pieces you make for straps or handles inside out?  Back in the day, we used scissors or a safety pin and fought it tooth and nail to turn it inside out! Other than working with knits...turning handles/straps was something I hated to do! And I loved making purses, totes and straps on my skirts etc! So I had to turn them!

Well, this little tool....literally changed my life (well, okay, not literally, but sure did a great job at changing my attitude!)

This Quick Turn tool, turns those straps  inside out in literally (yes, this time, literally!) in seconds! I was making book bags for the kids at church...needed 30 of them, and I made 60 straps and turned all 60 of them inside out in about 2 minutes.... or less!

Don't believe me? Here's a video I made showing how to do it. And no, I don't make you sit through watching me turn 60 straps! But you will want this tool after you watch!


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  1. An absolutely fantastic video! I, too, am from old-school; safety pin in the corner method. Thank you, thank you for sharing this tool.

    1. oh, my gosh I know!!! And then go ballistic when the safety pin opened inside while pushing through or using the scissors to push it through and end up poking holes in the fabric. Yes oh yes..this tool is a life saver in MANY ways!!!


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