Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Quiet Book for my new Grandson

MANY years ago, I made 2 Quiet books for my daughter. She loved them. I kept them as "travel/special" toys...meaning, she didn't play with them while at home, but they went with us when we'd go somewhere where she had to sit, be quiet, wait etc. Like a doctor appointment, church, restrurant, someone else's house etc. This way, not only was it entertaining to her as it was new and fresh and not "over played"....but it was easy to carry for me!

Well, now that she has a new born baby of her own.. I am getting an early start! Grayson is only 2 weeks old, but I am starting now. I have not idea if I will even be sewing in 2 years when he is old enough to play with it, so I am getting it done now...just in case! It will be all hand made, hand sewn by his grandma. And it will have activities to do, things to make, educational and just alot of fun.

So, if interested.. you can follow along and see how it goes. I am planning to make a page a week as I do have other things I need to get done to. I am also going to start the bed spread quilt I have intended to make for myself too.  Plus, I am hopefully going to be moving out of state this year, so.. I want to get as much done on both as I can.. hopefully get both done!

This is my Pinterest board I am collecting ideas on  
So many ideas, but first, I have to hit Joann's tomorrow and get some felt! Hopefully it is either on sale or regular price as i have a 50% off coupon! Then... the Dollar store for some coloring books to use as patterns.

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If you are not familiar with "quiet books" is a blog that I have started following and have enjoyed the inspiration from. I won't be copying her pages, but.. I am collecting ideas for the activities and then will create my own pages.  I also just enjoy sharing along with others crafters!

Here's another one.....Quiet Book Sew Along

So join to follow Fabrics And Memories if you want to follow along! Maybe you can make one too!

Want to read more at Fabric and Memories? CLICK HERE

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