Thursday, May 24, 2018

Junk Journal for my Grand Daughter with a K You Tube Video!

I have been working on 4 junk journals to give to my grand daughters. I am encouraging them to jot down their memories or favorite things or special thoughts and things that happen. Most people don't journal as they just don't have time to write a whole page or more. With a junk journal.. you don't have to spend alot of time if you don't want to! A junk journal  is all paper so you can literally write anywhere on the book pages! Pockets and tuck spots and envelopes...perfect for putting "things" in ...forget writing about a movie you the ticket that has the movie name, date on it and slide that into a tuck spot. Only writing you need to do is the name of the person you were with or why you liked the movie so much etc.    Anyway...I am coming down the home stretch in getting the four journals done. I now have them all with covers and stitched together.  I just have to decorate the covers and add the blingy dangles! is a video of what I have gotten done so far in the first one. This one is for my 16 year old grand daughter.  Take a look, get some ideas and I hope you enjoy the show!!! However, it is only my second video I have ever done, and holding the camera with one hand while flipping the pages with the other...a bit cumbersome, but...still...came out okay! I will be posting more videos as I get the other journals done, so if you want to follow me...make sure you join my blog in the upper left side of my main blog page or subscribe to my YouTube channel after you watch it! Thanks for watching!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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