Monday, July 4, 2016

Junk Journal page...with junk paper!

 Here is a great way to use junk paper to get started on your junk journals!  This page was quick, and easy and literally used junk paper. Took me like 5 minutes to make but it has the memory of my favorite french fries in the whole world.. memories of taking my grand daughters to McDonalds when they were little and having the best time with them and the memories of them and how much they loved the fries too and our time spent together. It is going in my journal!!

The page is an 8.5x11 folded in half and is from a ream of 32lb paper I got at the office supply store. $8 I think it was for 400 sheets and then I coffee stained the paper and used an ink pad (cheapest one at the craft store) to "antique" it on the edges and a few smears on the paper.

I go  to McDonalds for my bi monthly treat of fries.The are the best in the world, but...can't afford to many calories so..they are a special treat for me...instead of Starbucks or some candy! I kept the little paper pockets they put the fries in. I used double sided tape on the bottom side of the pocket and the opening side of the pocket..thus leaving the top open for the journaling tag to slide in!  Then I had a pack of tags from the Dollar Store and tied some ribbon from my sewing stash and slide that into the opening of the pocket itself. I made a journaling "tag"..really just a piece of paper I cut to size to slide in the opening and put a little flower sticker thingy on top for something to pull it out with...inked the sides and slide it in the opening behind the fries pocket. The words are from a page I had that had the words on it as a title, so I cut them individually so they would fit on the page without covering anything, and there you go! Plus..the words..."you make me happy" are perfect in this case because McDonalds is famous for their "Happy Meals" that make people happy, but...the fries DO make me happy!

Here is a view of the page with the tags pulled out so you can see them in full. See... space to write on each of the tags...front and back. Space to write on the page itself!  Lots of memories and all in just 5 minutes! Don't get better than that! And you can turn the pocket so it opens at the top, or fix it so it is a mini page on its own.

Just goes to show what you can do with junk paper! So start keeping those paper things you find/get whether at the fast foods or other places. You might not have an idea right at that moment to use them, but put them in your stash and the right idea will come to you...sooner or later and then you will be prepared to  create!
Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing and saving those memories!

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  1. fries are greasy right? then how do you get the grease out of the pouch?

  2. Gayle....The ones I have been collecting... don't have any grease on them! I guess that can happen if they sit in the pocket for a long time, but I haven't had that problem. However, if it is...maybe only the back has the grease stain so it wouldn't show. But, use your own judgement.

  3. Thanks for the introduction to Junk Journals! I am enjoying playing with it today, will be inking pages, doing some stamping and generally having fun! Appreciated you stopping over to see mine!


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