Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What is the coolest thing EVER???? Needle Nannies

I won a giveaway in the Grow Your Blog blog hop from  Reflections of a Desert Rat. It was a surprise when I entered, and I was REALLY surprised when I got the package! It was several little gadgets...and I love help and assist hand sewing...mostly embroidery. Well, I am not embroidering at the moment, but...I am doing alot of hand sewing on my Fabric Lace Memory books. I was totally shocked and thrilled when I opened the Needle Nannie package! I have NEVER seen anything like this before!

This is what the giveaway I received was.
Thanks so much, Bette, from Reflections of a Desert Rat

This is what I received I hope the picture shows up!

My most favorite gadget in the package was a Needle Nannie. It helps keep your needle close at hand without worry of loosing it...check it out!!!


A "Needle Nannie" (and the name fits me perfectly as I am after all, the Quilting Nanny!) is a needle keeper or needle minder. It is a decorative metal "piece" with a magnet on the back...and an additional separate magnet...and you put the metal piece on the fabric you are sewing and the other magnet on the back and it snaps together and then because it is now fully magnetized... you just put your needle on the piece..and it stays there! When you are done with the needle, this little gadget holds it for you! Never a lost needle anymore. I have a pin cushion near, but always fiddle between the pins in the cushion and the needle. This is strong and holds the needle until you need it again! And the magnet is strong so no worry of  it ever loosing its strength and falling off your fabric piece! They are about 1,1/2 inch circle size. Large enough to hold the needle and still find it yet small enough to not get in the way!  I know it sounds silly, but I started using this Needle Nannie with may hand sewing of my fabric books and I don't see how I ever did hand sewing without it!

Made and sold at Puffin and Company, they merge the art of crafting, the beauty of nature and the benefits of innovation to provide you the best in needlework, knitting & quilting tools.  You can read about how this idea started as one of those "AH-ha!!!" moments and these ingenious gadgets were born and created to help all us thread crafters in our endeavors to create our "something special's" from now till the end of time!!!

They have scissor "sitters" and "keepers" to hold your scissors close and handy!

An item I am thinking of getting should I go back to embroidery... is their fabulous
Thread Separators.
This tool keeps those strands in line with no tangles or knots! And your embroidery, cross stitch or needlepoint time will be just a bit more fun…simply fabulous. Watch the viedo on the page and see how it works.

There are so many cool little HELPFUL gadgets to choose from.. I book marked the store and plan to make a purchase... the scissor sitters and the thread separator are in mind first. But they have several other items I want too!

If you are can purchase Needle Nannies here. They are the coolest gadget I have seen in a LONG time.. I love mine! Don't know how I hand sewed without it!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

Want to read more at Fabric and Memories? CLICK HERE


  1. Well isn't that funny that the "Quilting Nanny" wins a Needle Nanny! LOL!!!

  2. Couldn't have been more appropriate, could it! LOL!

  3. Hi Cheri. What a perfect gift for you. Congrats on your win. So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Your blog is lovely and I enjoyed my visit.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, CM


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