Monday, January 5, 2015

5 Days in and...kind of proud of myself!

5 days into the new year... and I am surprised at what I have done! One of my goals this year is to learn new things and try new techniques and patterns.

Last month I made a quilt for my brother....he is the guitar man and I found this great guitar print.....
So now I have to start one for my sister and came up with this... as I couldn't find any appropriate "cat" fabric as she loves cats. But I did get a great cat theme fleece for the back.
The blue you see is my design wall.... a fleece blanket with a casing on top with an expansion front of the closet in my sewing room!  But here is a block....

The block is only up the the middle of that X...the blocks together make the X. I thought it pretty cool.. X's and diamonds. It is all HST's and I made 16 blocks and then I think I'll just add borders. Anything more will be to busy. I was kind of proud of myself for making the blocks "perfect" enough that points matched and the X's were made exact as possible!

But getting tired of looking at those colors and making the blocks had my eyes crossed...I took breaks.. and worked on this one....

 On Cyber Monday I bought 4 charm packs. I don't like charm packs because they have so many colors/prints... but nothing matches. I bought 4 thinking I'd have enough to make enough HST's to do something with and they were on sale for 83 cents each! I intend to  give this to a friend, so the fact that I dont' really like these colors was beside the point. Another thing I am trying to learn.. just cause I don't like it, doesn't mean someone else won't like it!  I call this one "Peas, Corn and Carrots".

I have since changed the layout but am limited is my dislike of charm packs...there isn't enough to do anything else with! As is it is only 45"x45" and I need it larger.... and that is with 4 charm packs and white on white yardage from my stash! I am working on making borders with the three colors from my yardage stash. However, that has gone on hold for the moment because.....

My first cousin twice removed (I think I have that right) is expecting a little boy in April (she is the one I made the wedding quilt "To Have and To Hold...." last year.

These are the colors I chose.. and Mickey Mouse (I forgot to include the yellow in the picture!) I am working on a design... think I have what I want but set it aside to make sure.
This is the fleece for the back that I got...50% off coupons at Joann's...couldn't do it without them!

So I have things already in progress and deadlines set as needed. I am working on learning how to make crazy quilts too... and did a little playing around and decided instead of making a full crazy quilt for each of my 5 grand daughters... I think I am going to start with a crazy christmas stocking and then work from there. I hope to leave them something to remember me with.

What have you got going so far this year? What plans do you have for new creations?
P.S. I have 52 Singer brand Class 15 bobbins for sale...they are Singer brand, but universal Class 15, for sale...if you are interested... Click HereI got a new Brother machine and although it is Class 15 too.. I prefer to use brand specific for things like this so I get no problems with warrenty work and them saying I didn't use the right bobbins! 
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Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!


  1. Gosh, you managed to get a lot done!! I've had a slower start to the new year. I love the quilt your making for your sister, such a striking pattern and pretty fabrics.

  2. Hi Cheri...just stopping in to see what you are up to. I too like that quilt for your sis...:)V


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