Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pansey's are my favorite flower, but charm packs are annoying!

A room for nothing but sewing? yep...it does deserve to be called a "studio"!!!! And I have one...so...what's going on in my studio this week?

Well, I am at the moment...at a stand still. I have finished all the quilts I had been working on. A Civil War quilt for my son and a guitar quilt for my brother...which I will be spotlighting soon here on my blog...but then got to where I was done, cleaned the room and now... can't come up with a thing to do! Nothing was appealing to me! But as I was walking past the drawer that holds charms packs..the few I have...and I just opened it more to fix the charms into more organized placement,
I noticed 3 pack of "Lovely" charms that I had bought about 3 years ago...before I realized I didn't like working with charms! One 5" square of 42 different prints, colors and/or patterns. What a disorganized mess!

However, it did intrigue me and I laid them out like this.....(this is one pack)
See what I mean...something like 5 different colors, 4 different prints of those 5 different colors and then a few extras of solids and a completely different pattern....some only one of a kind, others with 2-3 of a print. I could not figure how to use them all together.  So I chose the ones that I wanted...the large pansey prints...which is what I bought the pack for in the first place!
I laid out the large pansey prints...2 of each...2 purple on beige, 2, blue on beige and 2 purple on black and 2 of another design of pansy being purple on beige. Then smaller ones on the bottom row...one of each as pictured. But with 3 packs, I can have 36 of the large panseys and 30 of the small for another quilt. The stack in the back...that is the "waste" pile. They are in the pack, but they don't match anything, and only one of each...so clutter was starting to set in. Those are now in my scrap bucket! Which is another reason I think charm packs are a waste!

I took the large pansy ones....and am going to start with those. I can just imagine the purples and blues, accented with the green and black. With 3 packs.. I have 36 of the pansy charms, 6 of each of the 4 pansy prints
I took from my stash matching solids for each. I think the green will be the minor accent color and the blue, purple and black the compliment block to the matching prints. Now... I just have to figure a pattern. I don't want to cut the charms..they are 5" even so I will just cut yardage to that size and make something. I want more than just squares sewn together. I want a  pattern. Plus...another thing I am doing.. I am an avid pre washer...and these charms will shrink if pre washed, so I am not going to pre wash them and see how they shrink in the finished quilt. The solids are pre washed so they won't shrink, so it will be interesting to see how the resulting crinkled look....looks! Wish me luck and stay tuned for progress reports!

I think when this one is finished...it will be for MY bed. Yes for me... I am always making for others or giving to others so I think maybe with the cold winter coming on...I need a nice, pretty, pleasant quilt on my bed to keep me warm! 

And the memory?  That I used a medium that I don't like (charms) and in a way I usually don't work with (didn't pre wash) and made a very pretty quilt.... for myself!

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Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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  1. I really like this, what a great idea. I have a few quilts on the go at the moment but end of year activities are keeping me from them. I am hoping to finish by Christmas and send one to Canada for friends, hopefully soon. Thanks for sharing this. If you'd like I love you to link this up at Good Morning Mondays at Darling Downs Diaries. Blessings


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