Sunday, October 26, 2014

Labels for Your Quilt..I made these!

I have two quilts I am finishing and need labels. I use computer fabric paper  to print the labels. I know there is a way with freezer paper and I have done that before and it works, but in this case...I figure if all I need is white for the label, I can get 8 - 12 labels from one package of computer fabric paper and it is worth the cost.

The first quilt is for my daughter. She is moving to Missouri (we are in California) in January. It will be  a long time before we "see" each other again. And she takes her daughter, my grand daughter that I helped raise with day care while mom worked!  I know all the current technology of Skype and texting and the good old fashioned phone call are all still around, but...seeing is believing. Just isn't going to be the same! So I wanted to send her off with memories...of her mother! She loves pink so I made a bargello can read about it here...... Bargello in Pink   In the blog, the quilt is finished up to the binding. I have been doing other things for awhile and am just now getting back to the binding...and the label!  This is the label for the bargello

(I continue to have trouble getting pictures to come out just right even tho I have a Cannon Sure Shot!)
I finally remembered to just put the decorative binding on two sides and the other two sides are going to be included when I put the binding on the quilt.The binding used on the label is the same binding fabric I use to bind the quilt.  I took lyrics from a song by LeeAnn Womack that my daughter introduced me to years ago, called I Hope You Dance I love that song! But it says what I want to say to my daughter so I just picked the lines of the song I wanted to use and then "signed" it. I put "Mom" as well as my full name (in small font) just in case 75 years or so down the road, my great great grand daughter might find it and be able to say "My great great great great great grandmother made this for my great great great great grandmother..way back in the day!". ( I think I have the right number of "great"'s in there, could be fewer!)

I wanted a little more, so I decided to use my Flower Stitch wheel foot and made the two flowers and added a button in the middle. I think it turned out great. Just that little "pop" makes the label look so much better!  

The other quilt I working on is a guitar theme one for my musician brother. (I'll have a blog about it later...sign up to follow me and you'll see it when it is published!) That man can make a guitar speak! He never got the chance, but honestly, he would have given Santana and Eric Clapton and even Jimmy Hendricks a good run for their money! He is that good, even in his old age (he is 59 now).
Again, not a great photo. It looks so much better than this!  I used the blue for the decorative binding and because I attached it to all sides instead of just two, I can't put it in the corner of the quilt. I have tried that and it looks to I will be hand sewing this one to the middle of the "bottom" of the quilt probably about 5 inchesin  from the sides in the corner. I took the words to the song that reminds me of him from the 1970's...Bread's "Guitar Man". Chose the lines that I wanted to say to my brother and then printed it on the computer fabric paper. I used my maiden name as that is the same as his. Again...maybe way down the line somewhere, someone in his family tree will be happy to "find" something from their past. I goofed, tho and didn't out "brother" or "sister" on the label so they might not know the status, but at least will know the name. Problem is...he had all girls so there is will be no more of our family (my maiden) name!  To make the label pop, I cut out a guitar from a scrap I had from the fabric I used for the quilt and using iron on interfacing on the back and appliqued most of it to the label..the neck and the bottom of the guitar are free standing. I think I'll just do a tack stitch to hold them in place, the the bit of dimension will look nice. And his favorite is an acoustical guitar like this that he got when he was in high school..and still has!

The 3 main tools I used are:

This is the wheel I used. I bought it while back and never got the hang of it, and just decided to work with it and was successful at least in making the flower on the pink label. Add a little button and a really  cute quilt label is created!

This is the printer fabric paper I use...June Tailor fabric paper. The  sheets are white in color and 100% cotton and Made in USA. I have had great success with this brand. The sheets have a pull off backing that is easy to make 2 large or 4 smaller labels from each sheet. These are what I used for the pink label I made above. It is actual fabric so it is flexible and 100% cotton so it needs ironing to get the wrinkles out.

This is the sheets I used on the guitar label. They are Quick Fuse Iron-on Mini Fabric sheets by June Tailor. These are 6"x4" in size... like an index card...but since you iron this onto fabric instead of printing directly onto the fabric like the ones above do...these are a tad stiff. But the label turned out really nice, and since it is smaller, the stiffness is not a big issue and it will be in a corner anyway so either one you want to use works.

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  1. Such darling labels. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely! My mom adds labels to her gifted quilts too and it always adds that extra special something. Thanks so much for linking up at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  3. I like the quilt and the labels and I also know it is going to be very hard when they move :(

  4. Your daughter's a lucky girl getting that gorgeous pink bargello! I know you'll miss her and your granddaughter but in time it gets easier, especially knowing you will see them again. Bravo on the labels too!


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