Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Memories of playing with Paper Dolls..use them now!

I admit, I might be over the top when it comes to memories and preserving and sharing them, but that is because I have memories of my life.. but thing physical to go with them! Everything I had was tossed over the years, and due to alot of moving around, I had no choice but to do the same with most of my kids childhood things. So now, to pick up with the present and to help my grand child to preserve their memories (and mine that I share with them!) I have started making everything with a memory.  But...quilts and other sewing items are not the only way to share the memories.

Anyone remember Marlo Thomas in "That Girl"? I dreamed of being "that girl" and having that cool apartment and her cool clothes!!!

I never had a Barbie doll, but those paper dolls .... they were the best! My younger sister and I always got a new set each every time we went on a camping vacation. "Back then" the paper dolls came book style and the pages were full of the dolls and the clothes, and the front and back inside covers had the pockets for storing and carrying the dolls and clothes. When we'd each get a book, it was dolls on the front flap and clothes on the back flap (inside covers). On the ones we had to share, I had one pocket, she had the other. And then to play, you can stand the folder upright and have two "sides" to create whatever you wanted or to separate the girls rooms or places. "Back then", we had our imaginations in over drive!

I stumbled on this site that has paper dolls that you can print out and cut out. To me, just not the same as the ones I had "way back then" but I print them out for my 7 year old grand daughter (who is used to iPods and Xbox) and she loves them and just plays for the longest time! Only goes to show that if you encourage a child's imagination - they will still have fun!

Anyone remember Marlo Thomas in "That Girl"? What I wouldn't have given (at the time!) to be "that girl"!!!
She has "adult theme" paper dolls for  "back in the day" when us now adults had our favorites. They have major actors/actresses of the past and present!!! And also "real life" of the past and present as well as cartoon/storybook characters of the past and present. As well as house and furnishings as paper stand ups. The memories of just seeing them make you smile!

I also used these as  embellishments in my scrapbooks.  I did a layout of I Love Lucy and used the Lucy paper doll as the embellishment on the layout! Talk about the perfect scrapbook embellishment! Just [print out and cut off the tabs as you cut the "doll" out. There are even ones based on holidays that would be great to enhance your holiday theme page layout!

What else could you use these paper dolls for? Make personalized greeting cards, name tags, stationery. Use them for school projects like if your child needs to make a poster about something...add a paper doll "person" to use to "point" to something in the poster. Or just print and cut and teach your little girls how to play with paper dolls like mommy (or Grandma!) used to do! A great "travel" toy whether going on vacation or just taking somewhere where the kids need to be quiet..but have something to keep them entertained!

Remember Strawberry Shortcake?

So click on over and take a look and see what you can find!

Go to Marilee's Paper Doll Page. Some might no longer be available, but there are tons that are! Check it out!

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