Friday, February 7, 2014

From Shirt to Tote Bag!

Do you have a shirt that you like but it is to small? Or do you have a shirt that is in good shape...except the sleeves have holes in the elbows or maybe a rip here or there which makes it not wearable?   Check out the shirts in your closet, your husbands closet, your kid's closet or the racks of shirts at the thrift store.

All it takes is one shirt to make a wonderful tote bag!  Upcycle: Shirt to Purse  has the instructions on how to take an ordinary button up the front shirt and make it into a beautiful tote bag style purse!
Another idea is if you one of the kids has a favorite shirt and they out grow it but still love the shirt..make them a small tote bag out of their favorite shirt! You know they will love it!

Look at these totes from shirts! Thanks to Craft Buds for showing us how! 


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