Friday, January 31, 2014

My first month as a "de-stasher"


January 2014
My first month as a "de-stasher"
Fabric Bought: NONE!!!
Fabric Used:  Just what I already had started using

The Joann's 40/50% off coupons came in the mail and I put them on the BOTTOM of my "to do" stack of papers
...just in case....The ones that come online, I didn't open, I just left them on the list..just in case.
I am a "just in case" kind of person. My motto is "better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it". I preached that to my kids in high school, they thought I was nuts (" one carries a jacket!!!") but after a few times of my motto saving their butts over the years...I notice now that they are teaching that to their children!! But I digress... back to the stash.

The coupons have expired and I didn't make one single trip to Joann's! I didn't even have the urge! Granted, this is my first month and I know with all this blog hopping I do and visiting others blogs about their sewing adventures and seeing all the cool stuff.. it will be harder next month. So many ideas!! I did participate in a Fat Quarter Secret Pal Swap. I sent 3 FQ's to someone and some one sent me 3 FQ's. A nice surprise to get something I wouldn't have chosen to get! I am trying to get out of my structured, tailored and specific box and learn to use fabrics and colors in other ways than just "what goes together". I signed up for a lot of drawings/giveaways and I have my own giveaway going through the Grow Your Blog blog hop fest! Only fabric I have used is the fabric for the pillows I was making and getting them stuffed. I will decide what to work on this weekend and come Monday...start fresh for February. I am following along with The Joy of the House to Myself and Making RebeccaLynne. Care to join us?

P.S.  Today's USPS mail was the Joann's sale ad...and to the bottom of the "to do" stack it goes! and I see Michael's has some good online ones. The only thing I do have to get is a print to go with the solids I have for a wedding quilt I am making for my first cousin, once is in April. Hopefully I can stick to the plan!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!


  1. I am also trying to de-stash. Some months I do really good too; don't go to Quilt stores or Joann's. Sometimes it is really hard to find the matching fabrics in my stash, but I try. Good luck with your de-stashing.

    1. I know what you mean! That is a problem with me... I buy what I like (as long as it is on sale!) but then I go to make something and none of what I have is what I like for this project! But, like you said...we try!


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