Saturday, January 20, 2018

Quiet Book Page - Snow Theme with Pull String Feature

Just need to finish the aesthetic features of this page but I wanted to post it and show how I did the pull string features. This snow theme page has pull strings for the mountain climber to climb the mountain, and for the snowman (Olaf) to pop out of the side of the mountain to play with the other hikers!

How I did the pull string of Olaf:  Usually creators will use an eyelet to make the hole for the string to go through, but.. I don't have that and don't need to spend the money on MORE tools if I can do without them. So...for this page, I put fusible interfacing on the back of the felt, then another layer in the same spot for strength. The fusible interfacing (My BEST FRIEND in my sewing room!)  make for a solid area, no fraying, and strength to keep the hole from fraying. Then, I positioned the tree so that the hole was just slightly covered by a tree branch. Bingo!  A nice pull string! The snowman (Olaf) is "hiding" behind the snow mountain.. for this, I did not sew that area down so that there is a "gap" for him to hide in.

I also use my idea of making what I call 3-D images for the removable figures.
                                              You can read about that here....  

I don't know that I "created" this idea, but I figured it out and love doing it...since I don't have an embroidery machine to do it for me!

  I hope I can offer you some idea of more ways, maybe even more efficient, but for sure more cost effective, ways of creating your own Quiet Book Page for your child!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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