Sunday, April 2, 2017

Inspiration for Quiet Book page ideas.

I have a few pages done and will post shortly, but I thought I'd share why I am doing this and my ideas, thoughts and places for you to find ideas and help, if needed. I want this quiet book to be unique and fun, educational and fun, enhance the child's motor skills and fun, and well.. I think you get the picture. I want my grand son (Grayson!) to have fun while he is a child. I will give this book to him when he is 2 (he is now 3 weeks old!) I want him to  be a kid as long as possible!

So in looking for inspiration, Pinterest is where I have found so much information. I have been saving pages on my Quiet Book Page Ideas board and saving pattern to cut out on my PC. I have been writing lists of page themes I want to use and notation if I have a pattern somewhere.

However, in looking and surfing... I find... boy howdy, some ladies have the most amazing talent for this tiny work! I am blown away by some of them. I said I was going to make mine with no glue...but I have already used glue.. I just can't sew a perfect circle or make such perfect sewing this lady can.. like this lady has done!   Her blog is in a foreign language, but a picture paints a thousand words so...her work is absolutely amazing. I could look at it for hours. Such detailed stitches and sewing.  But what really hit me was... POCKETS and TUCK SPOTS!  How fun are those and here...3 pages into mine, I have not made one single pocket! I LOVE pockets! Most things I make have a pocket of some kind.. I can't believe I forgot them! But now.. thanks to this lady, I will have them on the pages. Lift the leaf to find the bird, pull something out of a pocket.. hiding places. so to speak. Let Grayson look and find and have fun!

I also want my book to be unique and all the things mentioned above. But I see so many pages...well the most posted ones are washing and drying socks! The kid is 2. NO 2 year old needs to be taught how to do laundry and who the heck even hangs clothes on a clothes line to dry anyway!?!??! (do kids even know what a clothes line is?!!?) And a lace page.. if I see one more shoe with laces, I'll scream! He will learn to tie his shoes when they are on his feet.. and probably 1-2 years on down the road from 2 anyway!  If I put a lace activity in this book, it will be lace a foot ball or lace a door closed or something that when he achieves the lacing.. he gets a surprise! But honestly, I dont' think I will put a lacing page at all. A zipper...again, zip open the mouth of an animal common. I am thinking of zip open a tent on a camping theme page. Or zip open a tool box with some tools inside.

So I have been saving my favorite ideas and themes on my Pinterest board.... Quiet Book Page Ideas for inspiration ideas and themes.After every page I finish, I will surf through and get inspiration for my next page theme.

So, now... back to my sewing room to start page 4. Actually I started it last night. It is  a beach theme with some sand castles and little beach animals. Next I want to do a farm... so many kids don't even what a farm is, let alone get to see one.  I want Grayson to know such things - at least have some idea of it! He will be able to plant foods, move a tractor, learn the names of foods, and things like that. Hum.. how about a road side food stand! He can pick the foods, and then sell them!

If you have been following my Quiet Book Adventure... how have you been doing? I'd love to see your pages.

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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