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Giraffe Page - Fabric Lace Memory Book

In creating these fabric lace pages, I always include a memory. Ergo the name...Fabric and Lace MEMORY book! I did day care for the two oldest grand daughters (now 9 and 15) but the next two I wasn't able to do that for them, so the memories are not many. However... where there's a grandmother, there's a the youngest (now 4) loves giraffes. She calls them "Jaffs". (Her 6 year old sister likes gorillas and calls them "crillas".) So... I found this giraffe fabric...a thin polyester flannel at the thrift store...4 yards...brand new fabric ,...and it had giraffes on it! I intend to make her some pj's with it, but, for now.. I cut out the giraffes and made them appliques and used them for the memory on the page.
Giraffe Page

 I made a ruffle of green sparkley fabric lace to go around the edges and a row of a beige lace, and then covered the raw edges with white ric-rac. I intended to use a white braid with gold braided through it, but got lost in the shuffle of laces! But the ric-rac is okay. The white bit of lace you see is on the other side of the page...a page post for next week. I didn't applique the giraffes to the fabric, I used Stitch Witchery... you know the iron on tape that is iron on on both sides. I know, I cut corners, but in this case, I thought it'd be okay! I did do the dot embroidery stitch in each eye (with black thread) and nose to secure the giraffe down. 3 of the giraffes are on a pocket. I just found  a scrap of fabric that matched the yellow and folded it to fit the page and make a slant pocket. The other 2 "jaffs", I ironed on the page so they look like they are peeking out from the pocket.You can also see the white lace ruffle from the other side of this page

I added a row of clear yellow beads along the edge of the pocket and a row of the green sparkely fabric ruffle. I plan to write a note to her and slide it in the pocket. This pocket is also good for her to add her own memory later and slip it in the pocket. Also, a pocket this size is a good way to add an item that is a memory...a pacifier or a rattle or something large that was special to her..doesn't have to be giraffe related, just an item special at the time.

Then I made a flower out of the green sparkely fabric. I cut a 10"by 2,1/2" strip, folded in half, did a basting stitch on the raw edges and then pulled the threads to gather it tight as possible and secured..then added a fancy pearl and silver button, then just sewed it to each end of the pocket. You can use a glue gun to attach it, but I am not set up with an outlet nearby so I just tack it down.A good thing about this work don't have to make it "play ground worthy" or sturdy for wear or "kid proof". An adult will be looking at the book and it isn't a "take and play" thing so things don't have to be secured tightly and you don't have to be concerned with "wear and tear" tacking things down works fine.

I think my little LillyAnn will love this page and have fond memories of her love of giraffes. I also made her for her birthday last year a fabric growth chart and 2 puffy throw pillows for her bed, all with "jaffs" on them and she loves those. She points them out to me every time I go over to visit..."see Nanny, I'm this tall" and "I kiss the jaffs on my pillow". She loves her jaffs!

This page was also rather quick. I tend to spend more time deciding on how to create it than it takes to put it together. I am also seeing that I am not going the "vintage" way either. This is kind of whimsey and fun...but at the same time.... "anything goes" as long as the memory is there!

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Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!
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  1. Hi Cheri,
    Great job !! This page is beautiful with the bright colors. I love the 'jaffs' peeking out from the pocket !
    So cute. I'm sure LiilyAnn will love this !!

    Hugs, Wilma.

  2. Your giraffes look really cute and beautifully sewn.

  3. Cutting giraffes from the fabric made beautiful appliqués. Excellent idea. I love the color mix of this memory book. So lively. And with all those ruffles, any little girl would love to have one. :-)


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