Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fabric Lace Memory books 1. Shabby chic and I am Hooked!

Well first... how do you like my title header up there? I am learning to do these "IT" things and so good! Now.. on to the my excitement!

On the recent Grow Your Blog blog hop, I discovered Wilma at Shabby Royale . Wilma makes lace fabric books, boxes and so many other amazing things. Normally I look and think how pretty and think for ideas etc, but in this case...I was mesmerized! These lace/fabric books are SO down my alley of memory holders! I keep going back to look again! I have decided this is what I want to make!  Oh the memories that can be stored in these beautiful lace, fabric books!  So, Thank you Wilma! You have an avid follower and I hope I can make mine as good as yours!

 This... is what I am talking about! A fabric lace memory book!

Tons of lace, ribbons, appliques, buttons, limitless embellishment options...oh wow..just right down my alley!!!  And the neat thing can either hand sew, machine sew or fabric glue the embellishments!

I have 4 grand daughters and one on the way... I was going to make them each a crazy quilt...then went to a crazy Christmas stocking...but now.... they are each getting one of these lace fabric books with memories of the here and how, instead of their growing up years as pictures show. I have so many ideas I had to start a list! I don't have a scanner, but I can take pictures now and print them out on fabric paper. I can write to them and print on fabric paper or card stock and make little pockets on the pages for the note. I have some slightly better than costume jewelery, some mine, some my their great grandmothers,  very nice, but only value is the memory of the items... and I can use those to embellish the pages and tell the story. I have been wondering for some time to give the items to the girls...will they keep them, loose them, grow out of them...would they even want to bother with them? But if I do it right and they are in this book, they can wear the items if they want to or just leave the keepsake with the memory in the book for all time!  The ideas just keep coming!

A few more pictures of Wilma's Wedding book....absolutely gorgeous!

You can make pockets and put things in them! It is almost like paper scrapbooking. I used to do that, but the albums just got so heavy! But I loved the pocket idea as  you could get so much more on the the pocket, on the pocket and around the pocket! And the sky is the limit on color!!!

And scroll down on her site a bit and take a look at this! I want one of these!!! An altered record suitcase!  Back in the day (prior to the ancient time of the 1980's!) our music was supplied by LP vinyl records. We kept the records in a  case like this so we could take them with us.  Wilma has created an Altered Record Case   to keep LP's in! I still have many of my LP's and I'd love to have this to store them in. But.. if you don't have any...this would make a great memory book for pictures. You could make a layout or two for each section and keep it on the coffee table and just open and pull when you want some memory time or to show off your kids to company!
Another blog I found, thanks to Shabby Royale... is Faith, Grace and Crafts  Doni also makes gorgeous lace fabric books. I am following her tutorial . It doesn't look all that hard to make the book! Plus.. check out her tutorial on a Lace Collage . I am thinking this would be perfect to add to a quilt! Maybe the center block. And still.. memories, memories, memories!

These fabric lace books are just a gorgeous way to preserve memories..and as you know.. I am all about memories! So I will start by pulling out my laces and trims and embellishments that I have collected and see what I have. I think to..since I don't have the napkins.. I will get some vintage colored fabric, and add my own lace to the sides and then start folding. But I'll be blogging about it as I go so if you want to join me in making these  beautiful fabric lace books.. follow me and you'll get an email on my progress and comments are always welcome! These ladies have helped me...least I can do is pass on the favor....and all in the name of Memories, sweeping through the pages...!

Want to read more at Fabric and Memories? CLICK HERE
Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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  1. Hello Cheri! Love those lace memory books! What a great idea for your Granddaughters! They are going to love them!! :) x

    1. I am excited to work on them...I sure hope they turn out amazing!!

  2. Hello dear Cheri.
    How wonderful that you are this enthusiastic !! I'm so happy for you. Your books are going to be just beautiful !! Your granddaughters are so lucky ! You make them something they can cheri(sh:) for life ! Thank you sooo much for mentioning me and my blog. It's the first time I've been featured this way. Thanks again. I'm looking forward to seeing your posts and photo's of your new passion !!

    Hugs to you and Blessings.

    1. WIlma, I have never read another blog that inspired me to do something new and made me so excited... I had to give myself a few days to "calm down" in order to get myself focused as yours about the fabric books has! Pat yourself on the back! I just hope I can do them justice and they look as amazing as yours do!

      Pat yourself on the back!

  3. Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Aren't they? I just love them... can you tell!!! LOL!! I hope mine come out as gorgeous as these do!

  4. Hello Cheri!!
    What a lovely post and I share your excitement! Your sweet granddaughters are truly going to blessed by your thought and beauty as you make their memory books. And thank you for mentioning my little blog in your post! Oh how I hope you enjoy making these! I thoroughly immersed myself in my projects and have to say I don't think I have had more enjoyment making things!
    All the best to you!

    1. Thanks Doni! I am working on them and enjoying it. Even the hand sewing!

  5. Hello Cheri, what a beautiful blog you have! I loved reading about your life long passion for sewing and hope you'll make many many more beautiful projects. I know the work of Wilma and Doni, they're two very talented ladies. And I can't wait to see what you'll make, being inspired by their fabric and lace books, because I LOVE fabric and lace books! I'm making my own as well, though till now they've merely been little mixed media books. But on my desk there's a book base of beautiful soft blue fabrics and vintage laces waiting to be finished. I started it months ago, it's meant to be a heritage book, filled with my ancestors. And your enthusiasm here inspires me to finish this book. So, thank you :) I will be following you through bloglovin and am looking forward to your book! And thank you so much also for your sweet comment on my blog :) Wishing you a beautiful day ~ Wendy of Apple and Apricot

    1. I enjoyed your blog and your inspiration Wendy! Inspiring others is part of why I do a blog. I get so much inspiration from others, I hope I can pass it on! The blue book sounds beautiful. I am using bleached muslin now, but a color sounds like the next step for me! Make sure you post pictures!


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