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Fabric Lace Memory book 3. It is coming to life! And so much fun!

It's only been a week, but I just had to share my progress with you on my Fabric Lace Memory book project. I have one page done and another nearly done and a third started! I have Learned alot of the "how to's" and am finding...there are no rules...basically at all! I thought I'd share how I have begun working. True, everyone has their own "ways" of doing things, but hearing how others do it is a good way to hear available options for you to try! So I thought I'd share what I have "discovered"!

In quilting, although there are no "quilting police"..there are  a few things you HAVE to follow..just so what you create turns out properly when you put it all together. The main one is the seam allowance. 1/4 inch is the universal "like" for the seams...but if you want them larger, you can make them larger. Not much left to make smaller, but if you want can.  The only rule you HAVE to follow in quilting, is..make ALL seam allowances the same size or when you put your block together...seams won't match and things won't line up as they are supposed to when piecing.

But with the fabric books...literally, anything goes! So far, I have found the only rule to stick with is to make all your pages the same size. I mean, you are making a book...and book pages are the same...HOWEVER...there is a small window open there too. I have seen where the pages are made the same size (like 8x10) and then the crafter sticks a little "page" in between 2 regular maybe a 5x7 page. This smaller page is used for a little extra space if needed...a picture or item "holder" or even just another page! It sure looks cute! I don't remember if I saw that done, or I just created it in my mind but it is one that I will be using! It's just to cute not to! That little secret place in the book...with a little special item inside...that means something only to the owner of the book! I know the girls are going to like that! I plan to put a small jewelery item in it!

Another thing I noticed was... I used to scrapbook...big time scrapbook! And as I was working on the pages, I noticed a common medium going on...I kept saying "I did this when I was scrapbooking" or noticed I was using alot of my scrapbook supplies including pictures and thought..good grief.. why don't I just pick up scrapbooking again, I"m nearly doing it now!  But then toned myself down to remembering the whole point of the fabric book..... M-E-M-O-R-I-E-S. So I decided to choose specific memories and decided to make parents. have the first 2-3 pages about the child, then have a page for her parents, her grand parents (ME!) her great grand parents and I have pics of her great great grandparents and great (times 3) grand parents. So I can do a family legacy kind of book. Well, at least I am starting there. I am sure I will expand, change, re-consider, add, subtract etc!

So I started with pages about each girl..the two oldest. A story of another time...since this is a memory book...I wanted to put memories in I used some fabric I amazingly kept from outfits I made 2 of the girls on my last sewing trip about 10 years ago and incorporated the page around that fabric and what it meant to the girl at the time! Turned out really good! Stay tuned for some pictures and "how to" on those pages. Then I will go into the rest of the family! Plus... I love printing on fabric paper like this....             

One of the pages I am doing is about the song I sang to each girl when I rocked her to sleep. So I printed the lyrics out on this paper about 4x6 size and will decorate it and incorporate it some how on the envelope and they can take the "page" of lyrics out of the envelope. Only they will know the memory it holds for them!

It has been alot of fun going through my lace stash and embellishments and putting things together. Takes a bit of time, but I am settling into a system. I create the page in my sewing room, then start the sewing in the light is better there and a change of scenery! I have 2 trays that I take with has the things just for that page, the other is things I use on all cushion, scissors, thread (colors to match the page), needle etc.  Works great!

 I went to Walmart today and got a few spools of satin ribbon and ric-rack (3 yds  for $1)  and a package of some delicate, lacy bows (8 for $1.47) and a short strand of pearls..12 beads about 1/2 inch diameter (97 cents)...should have got more of those! Those I plan to take the beads  apart  and use individually as the middle of a fabric flower or "handle/knob" to something or some other decorative embellishment. I also got some embroidery floss.. I had forgotten alot of designs use the floss (24 skeins for $3.97)...just a running stitch around the edge of the pages or to "write" out word or...embroider a design!

Oh... and something I did find very helpful... if you are a quilter, you will know about these cool little things...if not..check them out. They are called

They look like very small clothes pins. But why they are so good for my fabric books is because I can use them to hold things in place while I am creating the page. Using pins, you might miss one in the lace or just the poking of the pin in then out, sometimes is cumbersome and you can have multiple layers "clipped" instead of trying to use a pin. Because you use bulky things like a strand of beads or an raised applique or buttons...anything you can't use a pin to can use the Clover Clip. I didn't use mine much with quilting as I as you sew, you have to remove them and you don't with pins..if you don't pin in the stitch line. It was cumbersome to me to use them. But now.. they are my best friends!

I went to the thrift store yesterday and there was a package of some kind of fabric. It was shiney pink, satin looking squares..and 2 shades of yellow. You can't open packages but that pink on top I knew I could use and for $1.99 I thought I'd take the chance. Opened at home and they are 12x12" napkins! Granted, I can't imagine anyone using these beautiful squares for wiping a messy mouth, but that is what they were! And there were 6 pink, 6 pale yellow and 6 medium yellow..all satin with a pretty pattern! I can use them as page fabric or cut strips to make fabric flowers or ruffle!

So that is all for now. I have to get dinner ready then I can sit and sew the pages until my eyeballs fall out of my head! Thanks for following along.... if you are working on a fabric book...please..leave me a comment about how you are doing or if you have any good tips!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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  1. Hello Cheri! Your fabric lace memory books sound so exciting! I love all the supplies... can't wait to see some photos of them finished! :) x

  2. Thanks Christine! I find I am excited to look everywhere I go for embellishments saying "can I use that in the book?" Another "addiction" from my scrapbook days! I'll have a finished page up next week!

  3. So glad you have taken up fabric books. I have two I've made and one I'm still working on. I so enjoyed seeing your book from the beginning (inception and planning stages). I will eagerly await the next installation. And of course, I enjoyed reading your organizing tips, too. Sounds a bit like me (over organizer).

    Fortunately, YOU are a real seamstress and I couldn't sew a straight line if my life depended on it. And I bet you would be appalled at my stitches if you actually saw one of my scrappy journals. But I sure appreciate your kind comment about my Valentine scrappy journal. BTW, I like to make them, but not write in them.

    1. I am really liking making the books.I have been sewing for 50 years (started embroidery at age 8!) and had kind of gotten tired of quilting as family has said "No more quilts, Mom..we have plenty!" and when I would give them away to others...I never even got a thank you! So this came at the perfect time. I hope you follow along and give me any input you might have too. And what I have my next post will don't have to sew a straight line with these books! There is even times when I could sew parts with my machine, but I CHOOSE to do it by hand! And I don't like hand stitching that much! But...with these books... I PREFER hand stitching them instead of machine stitching! Go figure! Glad to have you follow along!

  4. This looks like a really fun project, Cheri! I may just have to try my hand at making one (or some) of these.

    1. Hi Carol! They are fun to work with! I can't believe I am enjoying putting a page together and having to go through so much lace an stuff to find what I like on the page! I am an over organizer so it probably takes me longer than most, but it is fun! You should give it a try. Make one and see how it goes! And it is nice too..t he hand stitching. I was leary of having to do so much hand stitching, my next post will isn't that bad!

  5. Cheri, I found you at Wilma's blog!
    I am doing the same thing with lace books!!! So much fun! I am beginning with my birth family and my parents and grandparents. Then plan to do my children and my moms laws family as well as hubby's . I love the idea! My 8 sisters will be doing them with me! Can't wait to see your books!
    Hugs, Betsy


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