Monday, June 30, 2014

Horses and Butterflies Equal Memories

2 Christmas' ago. I made each of my grand children a quilt.  I wanted to make each quilt from a favorite thing that the child liked. I started one with the butterflies for my second oldest granddaughter
 then 6 years old. She liked butterflies..she called them "flutterbies".

Well, I got the quilt top done, and it hit me. She may like butterflies,(who doesn't?) but she REALLY LOVES why am I giving her butterflies! So I set the butterfly quilt aside and made her a quilt with horses. The design was based on the Serendipity books about magical horses that I used to read to her and she loved hearing them. I am sure our reading times with those wonderful horses will be a memory she will treasure! 

This is the series of Serendipity books...these two were her fav's.

(More about this quilt later). So on the quilt rack the butterflies went.

 A year later, I needed a TV watching  blanket, so I decided to finish this WIP and use it for ME!  The butterfly quilt has a thin, fleece back (pink zebra print!) and NO batting. I wanted it to be soft and cuddly so I could wrap myself up  while watching TV so it needed to be soft and "bendable" as possible. So I used the fleece and the quilt top only and it worked out perfectly! I FMQ'ed meander stitch throughout, outlining a butterfly or two in each block. The butterfly colors are bright and shiney against the black background because the fabric has tiny little sparkles in it..and they really do sparkle!  It turned out really nice, and warm and cuddly! It measures appx 60x60". Each block is 12x12 with 2" yellow sashings and cornerstones.  

Here is the butterfly quilt for ME!

The colors of the cornerstones are matching colors of the butterflies. I had originally gotten the pink zebra fleece for the back as that zebra print in any color was  a favorite of young girls at that time. just is warm and cuddly and colorful for me!

The memory here? Since I started it for my grand daughter
..every time I use it, I think of her!

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  1. What a cool idea to back a quilt with a soft FLEECE! Might just have to try this. Lighter for summertime too! Visiting from Anything Goes Mondays.

  2. That's a coincidence! Both linking to butterflies...
    I love quilts with a back made of fleece. So comfortable! I sometimes back charity baby quilts with that soft and supple fabric. There are so many patterns now, like the beautiful one you used. I remember when fleece arrived in the fabric stores some twenty years ago--they were mostly solid. :-)

  3. That is just darling! I love the sashing fabrics, the cornerstones, and especially the hot pink zebra backing. Good for you, making it for yourself. Love it.

  4. I really love this quilt. From the sashing fabric, to the bright cornerstones, to the hot pink zebra backing. Good for you making it for yourself!


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