Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby Quilts or Doll Quilts....quick and easy and FUN!!!!

While my PC was in the shop trying to update and later finding out it couldn't be so I had to buy a new one...

I looked forward to a week of nothing but sewing! I Didn't have anything planned, so I happened to be thinking about  my grand daughters and have been told "NO TOYS" as gifts because they have so much already that they don't play with. So I make them things they need or could actually use for a reason. My immediate thought was doll quilts! I didn't have any design ideas, but thought this would be a great way to use up scraps (since I am not a "scrappy" quilter, I have lots of scraps!) So I just took some scraps and some charms that I had no use for otherwise and literally off the cuff...came up with these three quilts. I gave them Baby Alive dolls about 2 years ago Christmas so I used that doll size and made the quilts to wrap that size doll.

And another fun thing...these quilts can also be used as (real) baby quilts! They are about 36x36 and soft, cuddly and perfect for any baby to be snuggled up in or to lay on the floor or grass at the park to play on!

Ashleigh's Doll Quilt
 I had started this one about 2 years ago intending it to be a full size quilt. I was mistakenly designing from the inside out and found out that wasn't a good way to go! But, in this case, I notice that 2 of the pinwheels were not positioned as they should have been to match the rest, so I just stopped and hung the WIP in the closet as I didn't know what to do with it. So I noticed it, and just thought..for a doll quilt all I had to do was add another sashing or two and a binding and it'd be done. So that is what I did.I am sure Ashleigh didn't even notice the pinwheel issue!

For Ashleigh's quilt, I used the WIP that I had and added some borders. The first border there is a pink and white "checked". This is from s bargello quilt I had made for my daughter in pinks and this is what was left so I cut the strips and put them on the outside of the solid pink. Then another border of a pink print and another border of a solid pale pink were smaller pieces I had...not scraps, but not big enough to do much with....except to cut for borders! Binding is last and it is just a pink.  The quilt is about 36x36".

Emily's Doll Quilt 
This quilt is made up of hour glass blocks. I had bought a package of 5" charms that included these strips and plaids prints. I don't like working with lines so these didn't get used..until now. I used them with a matching solid and made hour glass blocks. The solid is  some I had ordered a long time ago, a package of 100 5"  charms. When I got them I found out they were that batik looking pattern and I don't like that!  So.. I took  the plaids and matched them with a  batik and made the hourglass blocks. I used white as the middle blocks.  The green border is large scrap piece that I could cut 2" borders from and same with the yellow. The binding is the cotton/poly fabric. Measures about 36x36

LillyAnn's Doll quilt
 First, please pardon the does look off, but I am having a hard time learning a new software program since Windows 7 doesn't accept older versions of my Microsoft Picture It software! This quilt is made using more of those batik 5" charms that I don't like! I made flying geese blocks with the charm and some yellow fabric. Then I sewed four together, in no specific order. The middle blocks are just a child's fun teddy bear print fabric I got at a thrift store last summer....5 yards for $2! At the time I didn't know what to do with it but it was brand new fabric and only $2! So since Lillyann is only 3, I thought she'd like the teddy bears. Then I used larger scraps again for the red and teal borders and pink for the binding. The back is the same teddy bear fabric

All three of these doll quilts are literally just colorful with no specifics. I just used alot of color on them with out worrying about matching much.Which is a 'first' for me as I have this tendency to make everything match!

The batting I used on all of them is just baby receiving blankets I got at the thrift store. When these have their final wash, I am sure that receiving blanket will shrink more but that will just make the quilt have that crinkled look which many like and it also helps the quilt to be softer and more "wrappable". I didn't include pictures of the backs, but I used that same teddy bear fabric for 2 of them and another teddy bear fabric that I got the same time at that thrift store, is on the other one. They all turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, and I know that I am my own worst critique! And the girls will love them!

Fun thing also, with these doll quilts...they can be used for the dolls but also for the little girl themselves! Great for a sitting mat at TV time or snack time on the floor or outside or take in the car to cover with.

So my week of waiting for the computer was totally worth the wait! And has taught me to sometimes, get off the PC and just sew!

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  1. Making doll quilts for your granddaughters is excellent. My GD has way too many toys too but she loves her dolls. Thank you for the idea:)

  2. These quilts are precious. I love working outside of my comfort zone with fabrics. Sometimes it's nice to just take all of that "ugly" stuff and see what beauty you can make from it. I'm sure that your granddaughter will cherish these quilts, and hopefully wear them to pieces.

  3. Great job on all of those doll quilts, Cheri! They are each sew cute in their own way. Great idea using a receiving blanket for the batting. I find the regular cotton batting is a little too stiff for these small items. Yours would be so much more useable!

  4. Nice variety in the doll quilts. My local guild makes doll quilts for children at Christmas--a fire fighters' project, so I have many chances to use up scraps and orphan blocks. A nice size to experimant with.

  5. What a fabulous idea!! I love them, you are going to have three very happy little girls when you give these to them!

  6. super cute doll quilts! My fave is the pinwheel one!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  7. I bet your girls are loving these!!!! CUTE!!!


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