Monday, April 21, 2014

I Spy Quilt, Part 1 -The quilt begins!

I am so grateful for some cyber friends that sent me some pieces to use for the I Spy quilt I am making for my grand children.  Pauline, Linda, Pam and Rachel, Kori, Suzette and Donella, Sherri and Cecile, Diane, Wendy and Laura -  thank you  SO much your your help!  I am so amazed at the prints they sent me! I know there's alot of fabric I have never seen, but these are beyond what I  thought I could see! They are just perfect, unique images  for an I Spy quilt. While looking through the pieces, I kept telling myself "its for the kids! It's for the kids! You can't have it!" I am so excited to start working on the quilt again. 

This is the way I am making the blocks. 3x3" I Spy center square with 1" sashings all around. I call them sashings, others may call them "borders". Either way, I chose this way of construction to set off the images better. I have seen many with the image pieces just all sewn together and no organization and to me they just look messy, busy and cluttered. I want the kids to do a little searching for the items, but I don't want them exhausted after doing so! The white borders/sashings just work well for this reason.

So far I have 12 blocks per row which makes the rows 60" long(wide) which is what I want, so

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"To Have and to Hold...." Wedding Quilt is finally finished!

I had such high hopes for this quilt as I was making it for a cousin...first cousin, once removed actually.  I was just trying to keep some "family participation" going as we have all drifted apart in last decade. My high hopes dwindled constantly during construction!  EVERYTHING that could go wrong with this quilt DID! I ran out of fabric twice and had to alter  the design twice because I had to get different fabric. Then it was how to FMQ it with so many different colors on the front AND the back! I just had to have what I have titled the "Scrabble Tile" name and that changed other things and I had to invest in some invisible thread! Then matching all the colors of the bottom and did SITD...but thinking differently than I needed to and oh good grief....I thought I'd go mad!  I started with these fabrics and a beige that had gold sparkles on it

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