Saturday, September 22, 2018

How I Earn Extra Cash for My Craft Supplies.. and YOU can too!

I normally don't promote things but in this case... since we all need a little extra cash to support our crafts.. I am going to mention how I get a minimum of $20 a month... that is just for my crafts. Match that $20 with local craft store coupons and I can keep myself in craft supplies pretty decently.

I take surveys (for free) and get paid when I qualify and complete a survey! Simple as that. I know you have all heard  "Woman earns $1700 a month at home" etc, yes, those are one in a billion happenings BUT of course, they don't tell the WHOLE story which includes spending some money....

 I don't believe them at all!!!!

However.. my way.. I honestly do earn $20 a month for about an hour a day...taking surveys...for free and never spend a penny.  A check is mailed to me the 15th of each month (for the earnings of the previous month) What's great about that is.. I don't have to give them any of my personal banking information and I don't have to request the cash out.. they do that and send it to me! I just have to cash the check!

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Cash Crate - Earn Extra Cash...For FREE

Open an account, take surveys and earn. Cash Crate is my favorite one that always has surveys available. Earnings are from 20 cents to $1.10 - give or take. The first option is always for 65 cents per survey and you are allowed to qualify and get paid for 2 per day. That's 65 cents, x 2 per day  x 30 days = $39.00 a month! Another is $1.10 per survey, 2 per day which would be $66.00 a month. You do the math if you qualify for all four every day! I, however, don't so I just stick with the 65 cents/day minimum. Yes, it can be done IF you qualify for each survey. Just know.. you often won't. At least most days. I never have. However, I know things like age and location and employment status can determine if you "qualify" for a survey or not. So...I would just advise... try them and see how it goes. See which ones qualify the best for you then concentrate on those. I shoot for the 1 at 65 cents per day (which is $19.50 a month) and one more per month to meet the $20 cash out and then move on from there.  If you have more time to spend.. that means you have the time for more surveys which means more possible earnings.

I won't go on.. if you have questions, leave me a comment and I will answer best I can. But.. give it a try...earn $20 a month  in a few minutes of a "time out" for relaxing....don't get better than that!
Have Fun!!!!

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Cash Crate - Earn Extra Cash...For FREE

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