Saturday, December 10, 2016

Junk Journal for a Teen Boy (masculine theme)

Hello fellow junk journal-ers!!! I have another one done and ready to give. I made this one for my 15 year old grand son. He is a "step" grandson so we don't know each other to well yet, but we are working on it! Plus... been a LONG time since I had a teen boy in my life so I don't know "how they work" anymore! I have however, noticed things have changed ALOT since my son was 15! And a lot of it I can't keep up with or even understand very well!  But I try. 

This junk journal is not all blinged out with dangles and prettiness .... just a more masculine style. I am encouraging him to keep his memories, but offering him a different way to do it. He isn't going to want to write in it like a diary or go into detail or most likely write much at all! So... I created the style of the journal to where he can put THINGS in it that mean something to him. No writing required! He can collect memories..slide them in a pocket and maybe in later years....decide he wants to write some...or more!

I used cereal box for the cover and a thin rope for the wrap around closure...with a can pop top as the loop of the closure with an old key on the end of the rope that goes through the pop top. The only embellishment other than the closure are 2 American theme 3-D stickers.  I just used 32lb weight copy paper and folded them in half for the signatures. adding to each page.

I have a flip through on my You Tube Channel if you want to check out the pages. I have alot of pages Ideas I think you will like. I have a couple really cool embellishments that are unique and especially for a masculine theme journal.  Now, I made this for a teen boy, but.. it could go for any masculine theme you need...age doesn't matter!    So... check it out here....

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on preserving those memories!
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